Wednesday, May 31, 2017

This Weekend In Techno Town

It's been a year or so since he's appeared in Orlando and he's sure to draw a crowd to Venue 578, especially since it's free before 11PM!  DJ Minnesota (USA)!  Dubstep.
Friday night at Vinyl Arts Bar they have birthday boy DJ Chris Ayo joining resident DJ Carlos Mendoza and Castillo.  House.
The event of the weekend! DJ Markus Schulz (USA/ D) in the booth at Gilt Nightclub in the Encore series of events that has recently brought us Paul Oakenfold, Paul van Dyk & Ferry Corsten!  Trance.
Another good show is sure to take place Saturday night at Vinyl Arts Bar as DJ Pierre (USA) headlines a night of music that includes Simons (Gainesville) namesake former owner Simon Remroni (USA) and DJ Brian Busto (USA).  House.
Head into the alley behind Backbooth to find the unmarked entrance to the small L'Allee Club with full liquor bar and great music!  DJ Randall M (D /USA) leads the event.  House.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

PI Update: Idle Island

Midnight in Disney Springs this past Sunday night and needing to get back to the Lime Garage. So let's cross this bridge one more time to beautiful Pleasure Island.
Here at West End Plaza, I thought a DJ might still be playing at STK but it was already locked tight.
Heading down Hill Street with a few stragglers walking about but all the retail already closed.
At the Hub, a few more.  During the Island's hey day, midnight was the time for the nightly new years eve fireworks show and a live band on the West End Stage.  All these areas would be packed!
Turning the corner I found some activity at Raglan Road!
The vocalist was singing that classic Irish tune, "No Scrubs".
A few more patrons milling about outside Mannequins. Sadly, the Island after 11PM is an idle island as the Mouse misses out on 3 prime hours of revenue generation.

Monday, May 29, 2017

Concert Reports: DJ Magic Mike (House Of Blues) & Summer Of Love (Independent Bar)

Memorial Day weekend in the United States which means Monday off which means Sunday night out!  But there was quite the dilemma this year.  DJ Magic Mike was reprising his famous Sunday nights at House of Blues while Kimball Collins was reprising his famous AAHZ nights at Independent Bar. What to do? The answer: BOTH!
Arrived at House of Blues to find DJ Ish (USA) in the booth going Deep House on us!
Just like in the old days, a circle would form for some break dancing!
Ish was alternating with DJ Ricon (USA) who was playing mostly EDM.
While the crowd would slowly build.
And then promptly at 11:15PM, a short video presentation to remind everyone what Memorial Day is really about.
And then there he was!  DJ Magic Mike (USA).
And he immediately took us into familiar Sunday night territory with EDM!
The club was very crowded but not sardine-packed like the discontinued Sunday night Service Industry Nights (SIN) that Disney axed back in 2015.  Indeed, this was paid ticketed event that was 21+ unlike the free cast member driven 18+ events that used to take place here weekly.
You can never go wrong with Go Go girls!
Spotted by the booth: DJ Evolv3 (USA) who we saw Saturday night leading the MegaCon Dance Party!
Spotted in the booth: Former Mannequins DJ Dominick Morrison (USA) controlling the lasers.
Good perspective of it being crowded but not sardine-packed!
Spotted on the mezzanine: Nikki with Jason
The crowd seemed sufficient that hopefully this will be the start of an on-going series of Magic Mike events at HOB.
Mike reminded me that the crowds at the old SIN nights here were Disney College Program driven and those people were here for 6 month to 1 year tours with CM's passing on the SIN tradition to their successors. With SIN having ended in October, 2015, few are around who still remember it.  Final SIN article here.

 It was great to be back in Disney Springs watching a DJ concert!
Packed to the rafters though!
Confetti explosion!  House of Blues is located in Disney Springs West Side.
Now over to Independent Bar.
Arrived just in time to see former Mannequins DJ Dave Cannalte (USA) pass the controls over to DJ Kimball Collins (USA).
Always great to see Kimball back in the perch!
Club was packed!
"Summer of Love" is basically AAHZ Junior featuring many of the now-famous tracks that made up AAHZ club nights at the old Beacham Theater back in the late 80's & early 90's.
Of course it draws an older crowd reminiscing the good old days. That's great but the good old days are right now so get out and enjoy them!
Spotted in the booth: The other third of AAHZ, DJ Chris Fortier (USA), had played earlier.
Spotted on the sideline: Julio with DJ Leony (USA).
Spotted by the bar: Heather and friend along with Stacey and DJ Kevin Timebomb.
Spotted on the mezzanine: Matt from Mannequins!
Spotted on the dance floor: DJ Def Jeff
Spotted by the booth: DJ Chang (USA). Wasn't I just talking about club Simons in Gainesville?
Spotted on the dance floor: Kimberly
Spotted on the dance floor: Angela
Spotted dancing in the corner: Pamela
Spotted in the thick of things: AAHZ Kidd
Spotted at yet another event: Erick & Donna
Spotted on the dance floor: Christa & East Side Angie
Spotted on the dance floor: DJ Brian Busto (USA)
Spotted on the dance floor: DJ Dave Cannalte (USA)
Spotted: DJ's Smilin' Dan & Cliff T with Lisa.
Spotted with a real camera: Club Photographer Brian Miller
Kimball taking the crowd to that promised land!
A night full of memories!
For pictures from last November's AAHZ Reunion, click here.
Anybody who is anybody was there last night!
All happy music kept the dance floor moving!
But sadly 2:30AM arrived and it had to end. Until next time.
At both events attended last night, a good time was had by all!