Monday, April 10, 2017

PI Update: What's Happening On The Island?

Come cross this bridge one more time to beautiful Pleasure Island!
Construction walls have been removed off the south railing of the No. 5 Bridge from the West Side. Unfortunately, the beautiful springs of Disney Springs end on the other side of the No. 4 Bridge in the background. That leaves us with views of rather unpleasant Village Lake water.
Continuing across the bridge we come to the imposing Edison Orlando complex.
This first section, constructed in an Art Deco style, stands where BET Soundstage roughly stood. We believe this will be home to the Industrial Cathedral, a show room of some sort with night club aspects.
Further along West End Plaza, another section of the complex stands where outdoor stairs used to lead down from the Plaza to the lower level of Adventurers Club. Plans we published a few weeks ago indicate that stairs are still part of what is in there.
Nothing new noticed around back along Village Lake.
Down under the No. 5 Bridge and down under West End Plaza, this opening leads to what was once reported to be the Neverland Tunnels speakeasy.
This appears to be one of the semi-hidden entrances with another one inside The Edison. Keep in mind this is down below the west side of STK too.
Another view of that entrance as seen looking down from the No. 5 Bridge.
At the Island's Hub, construction of Wine Bar George has begun. This appears to be the last plot of available land on the Island.
Meanwhile at the Waterview Stage, numerous high school bands from up north were spending their Spring Break performing at Disney. It's a rite of passage!

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