Tuesday, April 25, 2017

PI Update: No Wonder Edison Is Delayed

Let's cross this bridge one more time to beautiful Pleasure Island to check out progress at The Edison Orlando!
As the only large project still remaining within the Disney Springs conversion, it was supposed to open in "Spring 2017" but that's now been pushed off until "Late 2017"!
And it's really no wonder. The complex is nowhere near completed!
And this is especially notable from the rear.
The section to the left that reused much of the Adventurers Club structure seems further along and they are likely working on the interior.  But that section to the right, completely new build in the spot BET Soundstage used to stand, is much farther from completion!
That large opening on the AC side of the building remains a curiosity.
With two distinct sections, we originally were led to believe that the Adventurers Club section was going to be The Edison while the BET Soundstage side of the building was going to Walt's or Walt's Place, another restaurant. But as the Edison blueprints that we recently published portions of show, these are all part of one large complex!
The BET section is quite Art Deco.
While the AC section is anchored by this soon to be iconic smokestack from the building's previous use as an electric plant. (Note: Seems we could see real steam coming out of that tower!)
As we saw before this was closed in, it's an auditorium of sorts. Will there be Burlesque as The Edison Los Angeles offers?  Will there be dancing in club atmosphere?  Don't hold your breath for either.  Remember, this is Disney and there ain't no more dancing on Pleasure Island!


bob said...

Sure its not ready, but why isnt it ready? What is taking them so long, progress seems so slow on this. Why not just throw more people at it - sure it costs more but it means they'd be open sooner and have revenue sooner.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if they're haggling with Disney over what kind of entertainment they can provide...maybe they're going to pull out

KingBob said...

It's a very large project and I'm guessing it will need a lot of electrical and computer connections within it. Whether or not they call it a "club", there will be some kind of performances within the arena building and it will need state-of-the-art sound and lighting. This is unlike anything else they've ever built inside Downtown isney since the PI clubs were built (and maybe House of Blues).