Tuesday, April 4, 2017

DS Update: The Lounge That Never Was

The summer of 2014 was filled with promise as mysterious construction projects dotted Downtown Disney.  But concept art often dotted construction walls to give passers-by a glimpse of what was coming!
And one project that many looked forward to was a dining and drinking area built on top of a long section of "Hi Line" built adjacent to what was to be called "Food Truck Park".
The umbrella table-filled lounge gave a European flair to area. DTD patrons could purchase food and drinks from the trucks or restaurants below and take the stairs or the elevator topside for a different type of dining experience.
Construction proceeded rapidly as this June, 2014 photo shows.
And by the end of June the "Hi Line" section itself was largely done but then went dormant.
And when Food Truck Park (renamed Exposition Park) opened in December, 2014, the lounge on top never opened with it.  We never saw any explanation from Disney about why the lounge was cancelled and to this day it never became part of the final project. Too bad.

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