Monday, April 3, 2017

DS Update: Balloon Inflation

Of course we know that balloons must be inflated to fly, but we've also seen the price of flying the Characters In Flight balloon increase over the years since it began operation.  When it opened in 2009 it cost adults $16 to go airborne. (Children $10)

Just two years later the price was increased to $18 (Children $12). But that price would hold for nearly 6 years.

Earlier this year prices increased to $20 (Children $15).  Prices are thus up $4 or +25% since 2009. But if you figure that's over 8 years, it works out to an annual price increase average of about 3.1%.  That's far less than what Disney has done with their theme park prices. And there are AAA discounts, Groupon offers from time-to-time and best of all, the $10 before 10AM deal. Characters in Flight remains a good value!

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