Sunday, April 23, 2017

Club Reports: Ember, I-Bar, Peek Downtown

Long overdue for a visit to Ember Bar and when I found out they were running a Latin night here on Saturdays, it went to the top of my list!
Outside on the Terraza, DJ Guij was playing a mix of not only Reggeaton but also EDM and Top 40!
Music under the stars!
No one dancing just yet but plenty of nice scenery!
Inside, DJ Jose Bravo was playing strictly Latin genres.
No one dancing here yet either but the bar was seeing some action.
And a line was forming outside so it was about to get crowded!
But you know by now that if it's at all possible, I'm going to spend part of my Saturday night at Independent Bar!
That mystery DJ (USA) that we're not allowed to identify yet was back in the booth again!
The music was the Saturday night I-Bar format of 80's New Wave!
The dance floor was full as you'd expect!
And if you're in Orlando for Memorial Day weekend, check-out this year's "Summer of Love" on Sunday night here, presented by AAHZ.  Advance tickets go on sale soon and it's a "DO NOT MISS event!
And now over to the event of this weekend, "Wake N Bake" at Peek Downtown!
DJ Rich D (USA) in the booth when I arrived fashionably late as I typically do!
And just moments later, DJ duo Phat Kidz (USA) taking control!
Peek was packed!
Breaks all night long!
Spotted spinning: Athena
Spotted by the booth: Amanda & Nikki
Spotted on the dance floor: Bob S, Keara, Scotty & Amanda
Spotted in VIP: Adriana & Anthony
Spotted hanging with a stripper: Manda
Spotted: DJ Divine & Bob S surrounded by more breaker chicks than at any other club in town! (L to R) Aimee, Brooke, Amanda, Athena, Jessica, Cristine & Shelly.
Going Old Skool on us, 95.3Party style!
DJ Supagroover taking over at 1:30AM!
Dance floor stayed jammed!  Peek is Orlando's home of Breaks!
A good time was had by all!

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