Saturday, April 8, 2017

Club Reports: The Abbey, Bar B, Native Social Bar, Sandwich Bar

The Abbey is an event center located in the Lake Eola district just east of the downtown center. And every couple of months they have an 80's Night here!
It's always free and always packed!
For last night's event they had the live band Rockit Fly playing....80's!
The dance floor stayed jammed!
Definitely an older crowd, lol.
80's Hair band for sure!
Between band sets DJ Gregg continued the 80's vibe.
Which kept the crowd on the floor!
Plenty of slouch socks and neon in the crowd. They occasionally do a 70's Disco night here too and those are really wild!
Bar B is a relative newcomer to the downtown scene.
DJ Jimmy Joslin was in the booth last night playing an assortment of music mostly of the Top 40 variety.
No one on the dance floor yet during my visit but the bar was pretty active!
Haven't been to Native Social Bar in awhile!
But last night NLP was in the house!  DJ J-Dub!
And DJ Matrix!
Breaks all night long!
Spotted going high speed on the dance floor: Tanyia
Spotted in VIP: Marybeth
Spotted upstairs: Jasmin and Marshall
Great Breaks & great fun!
You can always count on great House music at Sandwich Bar!
Especially when DJ Kimball Collins (USA) is in the club!
The small venue was packed!
Of course we know Kimball from his club nights at AAHZ plus more recently at his always-jammed AAHZ Reunions! And one night in Bangkok at Q-Bar too!
I would categorize his set as Progressive House but someone there told me it was Broken Beat.
Spotted outside: DJ's Dave Cannalte (USA) & The Reverend (USA) with friend.
Also spotted outside: DJ Mike Nice (USA) with Lady V.
Meanwhile back inside, everyone bouncing!
That look you get from House music!
And a good time was had by all!

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