Sunday, April 30, 2017

Club Reports: Bakery Bar, One80 Skytop Lounge, Peek Downtown

Endeavoring to keep you informed about all the latest options, the Blog visited The Bakery Bar last night!
Downtown veterans will recognize these alley stairs as headed up to the former location of Rok Room.
The Bakery Bar names refers to this bakery-inspired list of craft cocktails available here, all at normal downtown prices! (Click on image to zoom-in.)
I chose the Strawberry Shortcake drink, sans whipped cream on top, made with real strawberries!  It was delicious!  Numerous chocolate drinks are on the menu too.
No DJ, just recorded Pop music and only two groups of other customers during my early visit. This will take awhile to become known. Tune into the Blog next Thursday for our roundup of the numerous new options downtown. There's a lot going on!
Next stop 180 Skytop Lounge atop Amway Center.
Resident DJ Ray Love (USA) was in the outdoor booth when I arrived. He was playing a mix of Top 40, Hip Hop & EDM.
Upscale as you can get downtown, some were getting the party started early!
The beautiful views of downtown Orlando far exceed those at other downtown rooftop venues!
180 refers to the degrees of view you get up here. It's not a 360 degree view because Amway Center itself gets in the way.
DJ Skribble (USA) taking over shortly before midnight.
Of course Skribble is known from his years at MTV.
There was a decent crowd up here but not crowded.
The music was all light Hip Hop.
You can never go wrong with Go Go girls!
Like I said!
Even I-4 is romantic from up here! Well, maybe not really.
Skribble is known for his "scratching" and there was plenty of that last night!
180 has been bringing in celebrity singers and DJ's so be on the look out for more of that. Dance singer Bright Lights (USA) was here last week.
As Orlando's home of Breaks, Peek Downtown was on my schedule last night yet again!
Because DJ Wes Smith (USA) had brought his "Game On" world tour to town!
And he had the dance floor moving!
A lot of the Breaks regulars were here plus a lot of new faces too!
The music was a fast-paced mix of Breakbeats different than typically played here.
Spotted at the bar: DJ Jefferson Funk (USA) who would play later.
Spotted on the dance floor: Tanyia
Spotted in VIP: Ira Mazor of Mazor Promotions
Spotted on the dance floor: DJ Sandra Cruz (USA) with George.

 Spotted on the dance floor: The rarely seen Nikki who keeps her face hidden due to shyness.
Spotted showing off some moves: Marshall
Spotted tending: Tiffany & Lindsay
Next stop on the Tour is New York City!
Everyone in a great mood and the dancing never stopped!
Next Friday night DJ duo The Freestylers (GB) will be here at Peek!
DJ Jefferson Funk taking over at 1:30AM and going just a bit more Housy on us!
A good time was had by all!

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Club Reports: Irish Shanon's, Peek Downtown, Native Social Bar, Vinyl Arts Bar

We began our Friday night at the grand opening of Irish Shannon's Local Pub!
Where Killian McAuliffe O'Gribbin was the door host!
Did someone say, "OPEN BAR"?
What a way to draw a crowd!
The live band "Stereo FM" was playing Light Rock hits!
Irish Shannon's is located on Church Street where Dubliner Irish Social House used to be which in turn is where the popular dance club Antigua used to be!
Headed next over to Peek Downtown to see what was going on.
DJ Fobia was in the booth playing House.
The bar was starting to see some activity at this early hour.
The dance floor wasn't.  Should be more crowded tonight at DJ Wes Smith (CDN) will be here with his "Game on Tour" show along Jefferson Funk (USA) and more!
Back to Church Street and Native Social Bar.
Playing downstairs, this DJ trio was on early including Shane McCarron & Chris Brown.
Just a small crowd in the club though!
DJ Chris Garcia (E) came on at 12:30AM.
And he played a wonderful House / Deep House set!
But an embarrassingly small turnout dancing for this world class DJ.
Garcia is based in Las Vegas where he plays clubs such as Light, Turmeric, Embassy & Drai's Beach.
Great music though!
Final stop, Vinyl Arts Bar.
DJ D-Unity (CDN) taking over the reins from DJ Renzo Ruiz (USA).
The Toronto-based DJ had played here at VAB last August.
The room was packed!
He had the entire club bouncing!
His show last night was completely on the House side compared to prior shows of his I've been to where he was more Techno.
Spotted in VIP: DJ Carlos Mendoza
Located in an old house, Vinyl Arts Bar is located on Colonial Drive between Orange & Magnolia and it's become quite the home for touring international DJ's!
A good time was had by all!