Tuesday, March 28, 2017

PI Update: Sunday Night Down On The Island

Crossing the No. 5 Bridge on Sunday night to beautiful Pleasure Island!
First stop STK for some steak & music!
DJ Adam Oam in the booth playing 70's & 80's hits.
Only outdoor location on the Island with entertainment was the Waterview Stage.
Really good mostly-EDM set from the Andre Caram Band ft. Drey-C.
The venue had a large crowd.
At this venue, not so much.
Last week we talked about 8TRAX and how the south end of the former club was taken over by Morimoto Asia.
And how the north end of 8TRAX was chopped away to make room for that flip flop store on the far right. But see that gate?
Well if you go down that corridor (which by the way is the same corridor that used to lead to the upper doors of Mannequins).
Island sources tell us that white door on the right leads into the main section of the former 8TRAX, frozen in time. We have no independent verification of that.
Under the Island, the Neverland Tunnels (or whatever it's going to be called) project continues at a snail's pace.
Hidden from view, it appears one entrance will be down here below STK while another entrance will be from within the Edison complex.
But whatever this is going to be, it appears that it won't (like the Edison) be finished anytime soon either.


Anonymous said...

So the grey door is the old Mannequins door for the smoker patio? So what do we need to mail you to get in there...a sturdy credit card, some bobby pins??

KingBob said...

It's not the Mannequins door per se which was metal with a glass window. But it does appear to go into Morimoto.