Tuesday, March 7, 2017

PI Update: The Problem With Erwin

Of course Erwin Pearl Jewelry has had some customers since they've opened, just not many of them. That's why the Blog has predicted they will be the first to close. But I think I've solved their biggest problem. It's the location of their doors!
As pedestrians travel up or down Hill Street, all the other new shops along that stretch of the Island have doors that face the walkway.  Potential shoppers see the signs and are drawn-in.
Not so at Erwin Pearl. Located at the Hub where PI Live Bar used to stand, it's doors don't face Hill Street but instead face the Raglan Road/Wine Bar George side. People don't notice it!  The shop's sign (and the shop too) are also obscured by that tree. If this place is going to have any chance to survive, they need to move the doors to the front.....and get rid of that tree! You're welcome!

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