Monday, March 13, 2017

PI Update: The Last Big Bust

As excitement builds on the Island about the possibility that large performance arena in The Edison becoming an adult dance club called the Industrial Cathedral, we would like to caution you to not get your hopes up.
We need to remind you about the last great hope that became a bust!
Splitsville was advertised as a "Dine Dance Drink & Bowl" kind of place before it opened in December, 2012.  And it started with DJ's on the weekends.
But by the end of its first year it didn't rock out, it fizzled out! A great place to bowl, it never captured many followers wanting to dance to DJ music. So tomorrow on the Blog we'll take another look at Industrial Cathedral possibilities.  ARTICLE UNDER DEVELOPMENT


Jeff - Seattle said...

I'm just telling ypu, that's you g to be an Amazon Go store....

Jeff - Seattle said...

Butchered that... going to be an Amazon Go store.