Monday, March 6, 2017

DS Update: The Excitement Continues

Let's cross the No. 2 Bridge this visit and go over the springs to beautiful Pleasure Island!
By now you know the entire Disney Springs town was named for these beautiful natural springs that happen to be in this non Karst area of southern Orange County.
The Pleasure Island bypass causeway has fallen into disrepair.
An indication that its days are numbered. I would expect that by the time The Edison opens, it should be gone.
Latest view of The Edison from the northeastern corner.
And the latest view from the northwestern corner.
View from Village Lake.
Will that performance arena half be called the Industrial Cathedral?
Doesn't seem to be anything going on down here at the Neverland Tunnels project.
It does look like one of the secret entrances will be via that gazebo structure going up near the No. 5 Bridge.
On the West Side at Exposition Park (formerly named Food Truck Park), this new addition to the fleet is called "Springs Street Tacos".
It apparently replaced the "Namnaste Cafe" truck.
In Town Center, workers getting ready to put up Polite Pig signs. Come on out and see it all for yourself!

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