Sunday, March 19, 2017

Concert Report: DJ Paul Oakenfold (Gilt Nightclub)

Gilt Nightclub on a Saturday night for the Paul Oakenfold concert!
No one could tell me the name of this opening DJ but his House set was pretty impressive!
And he did a good job getting the dance floor occupied!
It was a somewhat older crowd too compared the 18+year olds that typically come to electronic music concerts at Gilt.
Caught in traffic coming from his hotel, DJ Paul Oakenfold (GB) came on at 1:15AM.
His set was more on the House side early-on but would make its way into the more expected Trance later on!
Club was packed!
Spotted on the patio: DJ's Jimmy Joslin & John Campisano
Spotted by the bar: Mari & friend
Spotted by the door: Erick & Donna
Spotted by the speakers: Denise
Spotted on the dance floor: Karina, Tricia & Al
Spotted on the dance floor: Heath & Laney
Spotted on the dance floor: Sage Sappho
Spotted in the booth with Oakie: Cesar aka DJ Vitamin C
I give credit to Paul Oakenfold and his Perfecto label for helping fuel the resurgence of electronic dance music. His residency at Rain in the Palms Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas was a first and its success led to every major casino in that town doing the same!
Packed to the rafters!
Paul Oakenfold wearing a Paul Oakenfold t-shirt! Awesome!
Playing some classic Trance hits from the early 00's!
Speaking of Trance, Ferry Corsten (NL) plays at Gilt on May 20th!
That look you get listening to Trance!
A good time was had by all!

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