Saturday, March 4, 2017

Club Reports: Trader Sam's, Rix Lounge, Atlantic Dance Hall

By now you know the Blog is 50% about Disney and 50% about clubs, so I was excited that last night I could combine my love for both at the same time! Beginning my Friday with a first visit ever to Trader Sam's!
Located in Disney's Polynesian Village Resort, it wasn't particularly crowded during my visit and much smaller than I expected.
Crammed with memorabilia from around the world, the venue combines aspects of Adventurers Club at Pleasure Island and the Jungle Cruise at Magic Kingdom! No DJ's, just South Seas background music.
A friend asked me to say "Hello" to Shelly & Ocho when I was there.  Hello Shelly!
Hello Ocho. LOL!
Views of volcanoes out the window! Admission is free and we won't share the other surprises that may be in store for you when you visit.
Next stop Rix Lounge in Disney's Coronado Springs Resort.
No DJ last night, just a computer on auto-pilot playing Top 40 hits.
Even the dance floor was roped-off.
Which is too bad because Rix was packed! Had the music been cranked-up, people would have been dancing!
Admission and parking are free here too!
Last stop Atlantic Dance Hall, Disney's only remaining owned & operated dance club!
DJ Frankie on stage doing the festivities!
You never know what you're going to find here but last night it was surprisingly busy.
With more breaker chicks per square foot than any other club in town!
Well, not really. No Breaks here, just music like "The Wobble"!
Of course we know Frankie originally from Pleasure Island live band Frankie and the West End Boys!
The dance floor did include several of the usual suspects!
And Stephanie celebrating her big 3-0!  Happy Birthday!
You're not likely to hear any EDM at ADH on most nights but continuous music videos of Top 40 songs make it a fun place!
They do have an EDM/House night on Thursdays but I'm told it still isn't drawing many.
Atlantic Dance Hall is located at Disney's Boardwalk Resort and admission and parking are free. A good time was had by all but tonight I'm going back to downtown Orlando!


DJMadManRay said...

The bar stools move up and down very slowly at Trader Sam's, a little Adventures Club trick, and when I mentioned Adventures Club, the bartender very sternly said to me, "Hey, that place is dead"..Lol! Fun "little" place to go. We had a good time there!

KingBob said...

DJMMR, you gave it away!

DJMadManRay said...

Lol, not all of it Bob. I didn't say what happens when you order certain drinks, like when you order.. Lol!

Anonymous said...

EDM/House night on Thursdays well that is the issue too far away on a thursday night