Sunday, March 12, 2017

Club Reports: Independent Bar, Peek Downtown, Attic Nightclub, Elixir Orlando

Saturday night in the city and you know if it's at all possible, I'm going to begin it at Independent Bar!
Normally my second picture in a club article will be of the DJ, right? But there was an unexpected DJ duo in the booth last night and I was sworn to secrecy! So I can't tell you who was spinning!
But it was the regular Saturday night mix of 80's!
And the dance floor went from close to empty when I first got there to more-and-more crowded!
Spotted at the bar: I-Bar Lighting Tech Ernie with Tracy.
Spotted in the booth: Myndie and Stacie with DJ Icey (USA).
Spotted in VIP: Blog-favorites Leah & CJ
Always a fun time in here!
Now on to Peek Downtown which went House last night for "Deep Blue Abyss"!
DJ duo Digital Groove Project (USA) in the booth during my visit!
Dance floor was already seeing action at this early hour.
And the music worked both sides of the border between House and EDM.
Spotted in VIP: Harley with DJ Robb Blak (USA) who would play later.
Spotted outside: Blog-favorite Sage Sappho.
Always a fun time here too!
Second night in a row for Attic Nightclub.
Resident DJ Alex Wood in the booth playing EDM hits!
And already getting crowded!
Getting ready to come on, DJ Hook N Sling (AUS) posing for the Blog.
And at that point they cranked up the fog and everyone disappeared including the Sydney-based DJ, lol!
And the dance floor went from crowded to impassible!
Laser explosion!
Hook N Sling delivering EDM to the masses!
Final stop of the night, Elixir.

 Out on the patio, DJ Sonny Fodera (AUS) posing for the Blog.
Holy Vegemite, what are the odds of two different Australian DJ's playing in town at two different clubs on the same night!
Elixir has been running patio parties on Sunday nights but this special event on a Saturday night packed the place!
House music all night long!
Spotted on the dance floor: Blog-favorites Christa with East Side Angie
Spotted getting down: DJ Alex Wood
Adelaide-based Sonny Fodera's mostly Vocal set went Deep House and Electro House at times!
And as 2AM became 3AM due to Daylight Savings Time, the music kept going and going and going!
And no one was leaving!
One of the best if not thee best music set I've ever experienced! And it didn't end until 3:40AM!
The event's promoter even took to the microphone and yelled, "What just happened here?".  A good time was had by all, that's what. WOW!


Anonymous said...

Sonny Fedora was great I went at 130am what a great vibe for downtown to have another open air venue like aero but not with the very mainstream edm of Aero. I heard the secret dj at iBar was Kimball Collins but was mostly the same music the residents play? THought you would be reporting from Bike Week Bob!

Anonymous said...

Why did you think bike week, Because of the boots he wears to Treehouse.?

KingBob said...

I'd be laughed out of Daytona if I wore those Doc Marten's there!