Monday, March 27, 2017

Breaking News: Edison Delayed; Bypass Removed!

This was the sign in front of The Edison Orlando earlier this month. We speculated at the time that it seemed doubtful that this expansive venue could be finished and opened by the first day of summer.
And Disney has now confirmed it. The sign now says "Late 2017". Whether that means Fall or Winter remains to be seen but I take "Late" to mean 4th Quarter.
Front view pretty impressive.
And current rear view.
We posted this other view out the rear of The Edison earlier in March showing the Pleasure Island Bypass Causeway.  Here you see it.....
And here to don't!
The bypass causeway has now been completely razed!
Opened in November, 2013 and closed in March, 2016, the Pleasure Island Bypass Causeway was a necessary pedestrian diversion due to heavy construction along Hill Street in the area where the first new shops were being installed on the Island. Prior to that, pedestrians could still use Hill Street even during the demolitions of Comedy Warehouse, Laffers Cantina & the Curl (Superstar Studios) buildings.
The Pleasure Island Bypass Causeway in its day was beeuteeeful!


Troy said...

It was posted on Disney Springs' Instagram account a little more than a month ago that it was now a "Fall 2017" opening date. I would say I'm shocked that it took this long for them to update their signage, but based on past experiences with this particular island...

KingBob said...

Good to know; thanks!

Jeff - Seattle said...

Hopefully it's November. Booked my flight back to WDW for the first 10 days of the month. Fingers crossed!