Thursday, February 9, 2017

PI vs CW Wrist Bands

A couple years ago we published this collection of Pleasure Island wristbands from Blog reader DJMadManRay. I had dozens of these myself which I kept in my car's glove compartment. They eventually made their way to the trash receptacle, lol.
I was thinking about wristbands after my CityWalk visit last weekend. At CityWalk, you purchase of a Party Pass which gets you admission to each club. You get a wrist band and a Party Pass ticket with a bar code on it.  The wrist band signifies that your ID has been checked but you still have to have your Pass scanned during your first visit to each club. They also put an ink stamp on your wrist band, as shown with the letter "g" for The Groove. During subsequent visits to clubs you've already been to, you can skip the line and show your wristband stamp to get back in.
At Pleasure Island, you only had to show your ticket one time at the entry gates (the bridges) and were given a wrist band there. Once on the Island, your wrist band got you into all the clubs without having to show your ticket.  Despite the differences, CityWalk remains as close to the Pleasure Island model as you can find around Orlando. One price, multiple clubs, carry your drink anywhere on premises.

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