Monday, February 13, 2017

PI Update: Seven Years Ago

Looking back 7 years at Pleasure Island.  February, 2010 was nearly 1.5 years after the clubs were shuttered but at least Pleasure Island was Pleasure Island and there was hope.
Mannequins stood by proudly, awaiting its return as one of America's top dance clubs. No one knew then it's fate.
So many people were wandering into this dead-end area by Motion that they finally had to block off the entrance with bushes.
8TRAX still displayed its colorful past as a 70's Disco club.
More bushes hid the entrance to Comedy Warehouse.
The sponsorship of Black Entertainment Television had ended before BET Soundstage Club closed and became just Soundstage Club, but it too stood proudly awaiting its reopening.
The massive Rock'n'Roll Beach Club was the first club to close, foretelling the upcoming fate of the other clubs later in 2008.
And the beloved Adventurers Club in February, 2010.

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