Tuesday, February 28, 2017

PI Update: Repeating The Elevator Rumor

Those of you familiar with Mannequins will remember their elevator which opened to the outside on the 1st floor and then would whisk clubbers up to the 2nd floor entrance and even occasionally to the 3rd floor rafters. After MDP closed in 2008, you will recall that the elevator would stay parked on the 3rd floor.
In 2010 the "lift" made it to the 2nd floor, beginning the oft-repeated rumor that when the elevator made it to the 1st floor, Mannequins would reopen!
In 2013 the elevator floor indicator light was turned-off completely! An bad omen indeed, Mannequins would never reopen.
Morimoto Asia has a brand new elevator operating in the very same elevator shaft as the Mannequins elevator did and this elevator does go down to the 1st floor. Sadly, when these doors open, there is no revolving dance floor in sight!


Anonymous said...

I do not think the new elevator is in the same place! Go inside upstairs and look!!! the new one is more to the side then middle like the old one

Anonymous said...

Seems to be in the same place.

Anonymous said...

can someone get a pic looking at that area? I looked and I do not have any? not saying it has moved BUT seams that way to me?

KingBob said...

If I get back out there I will try to get some pics that position it within the building.