Saturday, February 25, 2017

Club Reports: Aero Bar, The Social, Sly Fox Bar, Peek Downtown, Vinyl Arts Bar, Bikkuri Lounge

This is the city, Orlando, Florida.  Quite a dilemma last night as a large number of world class international DJ's were playing at the same time! What was I going to do? The solution: go see all of them!!
First stop Aero Bar!
For resident DJ's Robin & Cliff T (USA).
The place was already getting crowded even at this early hour!
EDM & House music keeps everyone coming back!
Next stop, The Social.
Arrived just in time to see DJ Dominick Morrison (USA) turning the controls over to DJ duo Rainer & Grimm (CDN).
At 11PM the dance floor was still empty but they were dancing by the bar!
The duo is based in Toronto.
Early song "You Don't Know Me" had everyone moving! Na Na Ay!
Crossing the street next to Sly Fox Bar.
Resident DJ Geebo (USA) spinning Breaks!
He had the dance floor jamming!
Small club but always a great vibe in here!
No wonder the Breaks crowd was here!
Dancer showing off her dental work!
Switching over to Classic Hip Hop hits before I departed.
Cheap drinks are another draw at Sly Fox!
Moving on to Orlando's home of Breaks, Peek Downtown!
For DJ Keith Mackenzie (USA).
Peek was packed!
And his fast-paced set had the dance floor jammed!
With more Breaker chicks per square foot than any other club in town!
Spotted on the dance floor: Cheryl & Michael
Spotted in VIP: Adriana and Anthony
Spotted at the booth: DJ's Eddie Light & Supagroover.
Spotted on the dance floor: Brooke
Spotted with camera: Famous club photographer Brian Miller.
Spotted on the dance floor: Shelly, Bridgette, Amanda, CJ & Adriana.
Spotted in VIP: Jen & Ira of Mazor Promotions.
Spotted just before taking over the controls: DJ Deekline (GB).
KMAC is based in Chicago.
His set was amazing!
And he never slowed things down!
Vinyl Arts Bar was next!
For DJ Kimball Collins (T).
This club was packed too!
Built in an old house, the dance floor is in the living room!
Progressive House from the master of the genre!
Spotted in the foyer: DJ's The Reverend & Dave Cannalte.
Spotted by the booth: Stacie
Spotted on the dance floor: DJ Def Jeff
Spotted on the dance floor: Lynette & Adam
Kimball most famous for his AAHZ Reunions like the one last November!
You can always count on VAB for great electronic music!
One more stop.....Bikkuri Lounge!
For The Thrillseekers (GB).
Bikkuri was packed too for Trance!
The last Friday of every month is "Lost in Trancelation" with a continuing stream of world famous DJ's wanting to play this small but amazing event!
If you've never been, you got to come and experience it!
Channeling us some Armin van Buuren!
Spotted on the dance floor: Denise & Aaron
Spotted in VIP: DJ Knightlife with Carla.
Spotted on the mezzanine: Sage
Spotted outside: DJ Robb Blak who had played earlier with Harley.
Spotted on the dance floor: Kerri
Playing Uplifting Trance early during my visit but what I would call more traditional Trance later including several with vocals!
Thrillseekers showing us that look you get from feeling Trance music!
The last Friday in March is on the 31st and "Lost In Trancelation" will be bringing us DJ Ucast (BY)!
Everywhere I went last night, a good time was had by all!

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