Thursday, January 26, 2017

PI Update: Morimoto vs Mannequins

In the case of Morimoto v. Mannequins, you are the jury. What's better? This sign?
Or this sign?
Is this floor better?
Or is this floor better?
Are these hanging bottles better?
Or these hanging mannequins?  We rest our case.


Jason said...
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Jason said...

Morimoto Asia is prettier. Mannequins was more important. They should find a way to clear the tables late after dinner and return the dance floor. The geisha girl dancers from Mannequins would be perfect. An updated night club would be optimal to increase profits.

KingBob said...

Jason, I certainly support that idea. Even if the old dance floor is down under the new floor, they can't use it. But there could be a way to move all the tables and chairs and do a dance club at night. Doubt they make much revenue now after 11PM. If only Disney would let them do it. I don't think anyone is allowed to do anything like that.

Jason said...

Right on, KingBob!