Friday, January 20, 2017

DS Update: Food Fight!

This is a cast member food truck at Disney Springs, operated by Sodexo. Knowing that CM's can't afford the prices that us guests pay to eat at WDW, Disney has contracted with Sodexo to provide employee cafeterias and food trucks.
But a recent advertisement in Orlando Weekly by the union Unitehere asks, "Disney: Why's Your Heart Frozen?" The ad goes on to say that Walt Disney World is far from a "happy" place for Sodexo food workers who prepare & serve meals for Disney's Cast Members.
I don't get it. Presumably Disney has hired Sodexo and pays them to operate their food services at a profit.  The Sodexo employees are paid by Sodexo, not by Disney, right?  So if this union represents those employees and they're not happy with the pay, shouldn't the union be taking this up with Sodexo the next time the contract is up for renewal, not with Disney?  Sounds like they're trying to embarrass Disney but the people this union represents don't work for Disney. Perhaps my understanding is incorrect.  But a contract is a contract.

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