Sunday, January 1, 2017

Club Reports: New Years Eve @ Disney

I used to stay home on New Years Eve. It was, after all, crowded, expensive & crazy. But then someone told me about the DJ parties taking place at EPCOT and I was hooked. So for the 5th year in a row, that's where I was!
Beginning the night though at Disney's Boardwalk Resort for their Family Party out on the lawn featuring DJ Tony Z (USA).  Of course we know Tony from Atlantic Dance Hall, Planet Hollywood and other venues around town.
Tony tells the Blog that he has come out of DJ retirement so we're excited about that!
Arrived just in time for the Cupid Shuffle!
And the Cha Cha Slide.
Tony Z schooling the peeps in Line Dance 101.  His set was mostly Top 40 but after midnight switched it up to EDM which the then-older crowd really got in to!
Moving next over to Atlantic Dance Hall on the boardwalk!
DJ Willie (USA) on the stage delivering Top 40. Of course we know Willie from 8TRAX on Pleasure Island!
Was one of the first people in line so the dance floor was just beginning to see action. With over 500 advance reservations this year, the place would get packed but I just stopped by for a drink and then it was time to stroll over to EPCOT. Back later!
Beginning on the plaza at EPCOT: China.
DJ Dominick Morrison (USA) on the decks blowing the place up with EDM!
Of course we know Dominick from Mannequins on Pleasure Island and more recently from Aero Bar & The Social downtown!
The China dance floor features a smoke-belching dragon & dramatic flame throwers!
The peeps want EDM!
And the floor stayed jammed!
Spotted on the dance floor: Jay & Candace from Pleasure Island.
Jay still knows how to put it down!
Spotted: Eddie Maserati from Pleasure Island.
Experimenting with my new Richo Theta SC and 360° photos. It's a work in progress for sure!
Great set, great vibe, great time at China!
Moving next to the piazza at EPCOT: Italy.
DJ Mark Sanchez (USA) in the booth here!
Of course we know Mark from his long-term work in the Breaks scene at Orlando & Daytona clubs. He's seen here posing for the Blog with his Disney handler Emily.
While China has smoke & fire, Italy has lasers!
The dance floor here too was absolutely packed!
That look you get from House music!
Spotted: Nik & Skittle from Pleasure Island.
Spotted: Anthony & Adriana from the downtown Breaks scene.
Over to EPCOT: United Kingdom more than once, hoping to catch more DJ action but kept running into Rock music sets from live band British Revolution.
Did spot DJ Elliot (USA) post-set with his lovely bride Lindsay.
This venue was packed too!
OK, they had some kind of EPCOT fireworks show at midnight that interrupted all the DJ parties. Not sure why they would do something like that.

But it was a reminder to me to soon head back to ADH.
DJ Willie in the booth playing Chainsmokers "Closer"!
Quite a few people still in here close to 1AM. The night had been a sell-out and they had to turn people away this year! Per my records, first NYE sell-out since 2009/2010.
Spotted on the dance floor: Chely & Debbie
ADH management tells me that their experiment with different music nights during the week is going to continue indefinitely. Tuesdays remain 90's, Wednesdays are switching from 00's to 80's & Thursdays remain EDM! They recognize it's going to take awhile to catch-on but they seem committed to making ADH a popular clubbing option!
I think I need to get a selfie-stick to keep my hands out of Theta 360° pictures.
At Walt Disney World last night for NYE, a good time was had by all!


Curt said...

You caught me twice in ADH! LOL

Anonymous said...

Nik & Skittle aren't from Pleasure Island, Bob. They are WAY younger than you're thinking. They come to downtown Orlando a few times a year. They just know some of the old P.I. regulars :)

KingBob said...

Curt: Which one is you?
Anon: Hmmmm. Thought I recognized at least Nik from PI. Interesting.

Anonymous said...

Nik has never been to PI. You've seen him at Vixen, Suite B, etc. when he comes down from NJ a couple of times a year. Skittle is in NY and has only been coming down to Orlando past couple of years.