Saturday, January 7, 2017

Club Reports: Joysticks, Shots Orlando, ISHTA, Peek Downtown

Pine Street in downtown Orlando has suddenly become the hot spot for new drinking options! Following the success of Player 1 Video Game Bar in Lake Buena Vista, East Pine Street has the newly opened Joysticks Arcade Bar upstairs across from The Attic Nightclub.
Long line last night waiting to get in to play 80's video games amid funky decor!

Meanwhile on the ground level, Shots Miami is opening a Shots Orlando!
Located at the corner of East Pine Street at Magnolia, this long-vacant spot still has a ways to go before it opens.
Switching to West Pine Street, ISHTA is a new club located where 57 West, Syn Nightclub & Epic Nightclub once operated.
DJ Young Smitchell in the booth playing Hip Hop.
The place looks really good with renovations giving the the club an upscale look which covered up the grunge-era warehouse style of its predecessors.
Good memories in this space with DJ Joey Beltram playing here for 57 West in 2010, DJ's Heavygrinder, Icey & Meaux Green playing here for Syn in 2013 and the legend Derrick May playing here for Epic in 2015!  Good luck ISHTA.
Over to Magnolia Street for some Breaks at Peek Downtown.
Another legend, DJ Versa-Style (USA) in the booth breaking things down!
With a cold front trying to pass through Orlando and heavy rains at times, just not a lot of people downtown last night.
The dance floor did have its busy moments though!
And a good time was had by......all.


Anonymous said...

Looks like a NEW more of the same! a Small club! open for a short time! sells off to NEW owner then sells.......

KingBob said...

Probably leases, but yeah.