Sunday, January 8, 2017

Club Reports: Independent Bar, Native Social Bar, Sandwich Bar

What a lousy weekend weather-wise in Orlando with heavy rain Friday night followed by brutal cold (40's) Saturday night!  But bundled-up, my mission continued beginning with a quick visit to Independent Bar!
Saturday nights at I-Bar means 80's New Wave delivered by resident DJ Indie John.
There actually was a larger crowd than pictured here, a surprise to me considering the weather!
Next stop Native Social Bar where the NLP DJ group was hosting a Breaks party with free admission!
DJ Scotty Fraser of DJ duo Pimp Squad had the music cranked-up when I arrived!
Followed by DJ Rich Doss.
A lot more people than I anticipated here too!
DJ Supagroover taking over after 12:15AM.
Spotted on the stairs: Jim M.
Spotted in VIP: Marybeth & Cheryl
Spotted on the mezzanine: Amanda & Devon
Spotted by the both: Christina and DJ J-Dub
Spotted in VIP: Mandie with DJ CD Mack
Spotted high speed dancing: DJ NaViTas
J-Dub taking control!
Followed by DJ Matrix!
Great music and a great crowd made this quite the spot last night!
Last stop Sandwich Bar.
DJ Kimball Collins (T) already playing when I arrived!
The small venue was packed!
Club celebrating their 6th anniversary this weekend!
Kimball went quite Progressive on us last night!
Spotted by the booth: Dana with DJ Jerry "The Reverend" Johnson.
Spotted on the dance floor: Ashley & Carrie
Spotted out back: I don't know. They just wanted their picture taken!
Great Kimball music and a good time was had by all!

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