Tuesday, January 31, 2017

PI Update: Paddlefish Opens Saturday

New Disney Springs restaurant Paddlefish opens this coming Saturday!
And the former Empress Lily is looking mighty fine!
Finishing touches being complete outside while employee training was taking place inside!
Port side view.  As Fulton's Crab House, boarding took place here.
As Paddlefish, not sure yet whether boarding will take place in that same location or from this gangway further aft.

 An exclusive Save Pleasure Island Blog Skycam view of what Fulton's used to look like.

Empress Lily fans as well as those that appreciate authenticity are excited that the stacks are back!
As well as the aft paddlewheel. Sadly, it appears that the lounge on board is not getting much promotion on the Paddlefish website here so this appears to be yet another opportunity for unique adult nightlife that will go wasted.

Monday, January 30, 2017

PI Update: Around The Edison

This is The Edison, currently under construction at Disney Springs. Let's work our way around the complex so we can see what's going on.
North face. Is that a large garage door type of opening on the far left or will that be a large window?
Looking down along the north face, the area seems to be designed for pedestrian traffic, something predecessors Adventurers Club and BET Soundstage rarely allowed.
East face. The new building makes use of AC's former cupola that existed over the inside foyer. The new building also has this peculiar metal section that sticks out from the main building, better seen in perspective two photos above.
South face, what appears now to be the main entrance located at Adventurers Club former main entrance. The sign still says "Spring 2017". Since Summer does not begin until mid-June, that may be possible.
The complex seems to have 3 main sections, one being the entrance section described in the prior photo and then this mid-section that sits where the castmember-only outdoor stairway beside AC used to lead down to management offices and employee snack bar.  This new section, constructed with an art deco exterior, may be the secret way down to the Neverland Tunnels below.
Continuing up Hill Street, this is the south face of the third section and what we call the "performance arena" section of the development.
The southwest corner shows the very distinctive curves of art deco design.
The west face is mainly the performance arena but with other "rooms" there as well. Plus that addition on top reminiscent of an aircraft control tower.
Coming back around now to the northwest corner overlooking Village Lake. Note the art deco roof line.
And we've come full circle and end with the large performance arena facing north. Will they have shows in there or will it be a night club? The mystery continues!

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Club Reports: Independent Bar, ISHTA, Treehouse, Peek Downtown

A chilly Saturday night in Orlando but the evening began as it often does at Independent Bar!
Resident DJ Indie John in the booth as we would expect!
Within minutes the place went from lukewarm crowded.....
.....to packed!
Spotted in VIP: Kristy
The Saturday night music format of 80's New Wave brings out a diverse crowd that you won't find anywhere else in downtown and it's always fun!
Second visit to ISHTA Night Club located on Pine Street where 57 West, Syn and Epic used to operate.
DJ C-Low was in the booth.
With the MC delivering some explanations!
Unlike my first visit when hardly anyone was here, there was a decent crowd in the club!
The music format of Hip Hop hits kept the dance floor occupied during my visit.
Haven't been to the Treehouse since last year!
First you climb the stairs to get up into the tree!
No DJ in here, just recorded music like the 70's being played last night!
Of course the main attraction at Treehouse is grabbing a drink and chilling picnic-style down on the grass floor!
It's just a small room but there's always a great vibe in here; everyone is happy!
Last stop on my agenda, Peek Downtown for the next installment of "Wake'n'Break".

 DJ Dynasty in the booth when I arrived.
DJ Matrix took over shortly after that!
And it was pretty jammed in here!
Peek Downtown is Orlando's home of Breaks!
Dance floor stayed busy!
Spotted at the bar: Amanda, Devon & Sandra
Spotted on the dance floor: The newlyweds Scotty & Keara.
Spotted incognito: Nikki
Spotted providing narrative to the evening: MC MB
Matrix kept the crowd in a frenzy!
The vibe was amazing!
And a good time was had by all!

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Club Reports: Peek Downtown, Sandwich Bar, Bikkuri Lounge

Friday night. So many clubs, so little time! Beginning my roving at Peek Downtown!
Veteran DJ Jimmy Joslin (USA) in the house delivering Old Skool & New Skool Breaks!
While the hired help delivered great drinks and great looks!
The bar was starting to see some activity but the dance floor remained empty at this early hour during the Billy Joel concert taking place over at Amway Center.
Bringing back some Gainesville memories at Sandwich Bar!
From DJ Chang (USA) in the booth!
Not crowded here either but people were dancing!
Mostly vocal House music during my visit kept everyone bouncing! Small club but always a big vibe at Sandwich Bar!
We know Chang from his days at venerable nightclub Simon's back when I lived in Gainesville. All-vinyl set last night!
OK, the sign says "Sushi" on the outside.
But there's "Trance" on the inside! At least on the last Friday of every month!
First stop on a multi-city U.S. tour for DJ John 00Fleming (GB).
Close to a sell-out crowd in the club!
All here to see the Trance legend!
Always love it when the DJ is having as good of a time as the crowd!
Spotted in VIP: DJ Robb Blak who had opened earlier, along with Harley Hawtsauce.
Spotted on the dance floor: DJ Suzy Solar (USA) with Aaron.
Spotted dancing: Kerri in the lower left corner!
Spotted by the bar: DJ J13
Considering he just got off a flight from England and should have been suffering from jet lag, he was very much awake, lol!
That look you get from Trance!
The club's famous light wall remained subdued last night for the supposedly darker set J00F was going to play but what I heard during my visit was a mix of Uplifting & Psytrance and anything but dark. The music certainly kept everyone moving!
Spotted in the booth: DJ's John 00Fleming and Suzy Solar.
Next "Lost In Trancelation" is here on Friday, February 24th with The Thrillseekers (GB).
A good time was had by all!