Saturday, August 19, 2017

Concert Report: DJ Lupe Fuentes (VAB)

Vinyl Arts Bar has become Orlando's leading home of House music and last night was no different! And when you combine a great venue with 3 female DJ's, you just can't go wrong!
Upon arrival, finally getting to see the lovely DJ Cosmic Deva (IL) perform.
But just a few souls here this early.
DJ FoxForce005 (USA) up next! First time seeing her play since she opened for DJ duo Yolanda Be Cool (AUS) at the Social last October.
Her set was an amazing mix of mostly House with some Tech House.
Around 12:45AM, DJ Lupe Fuentes (E) took over the controls.
And she would take us on a musical roller coaster journey with lots of loud build-up's and drops!
I don't know where everybody came from but suddenly the room got crowded!
The music had everyone moving!
Spotted: Promoter Bobby Lyman. Don't miss his free pool party on Saturday, September 2nd featuring DJ's Suzy Solar, Versa-Style, The Dar, Leilani and more. It's family friendly so bring the kids! Link.
First time seeing her perform in Orlando!
House music all night long! And nearly all of it Vocal House!
Getting in to her music!
Wish more would have shown up for this but and a good time was had by all!

Friday, August 18, 2017

Club Reports: Ace Cafe, Wall Street Cantina

Second ever visit to the brand new Ace Cafe Orlando.  The last visit it was at nighttime for drinks but this visit it was daytime for lunch!
Did someone say wings!?  Very few places that I can think of have wings downtown and these Mahogany wings were delicious!
My group not only enjoying wings but also burgers, flatbreads, fish and more from their extensive menu! With locations around the world, Orlando has the first Ace Cafe in the United States.
The logo store is packed with t-shirts, leather jackets and other memorabilia.  Ace Cafe is located on West Livingston Street at I-4.
Next went looking for a place for a happy hour drink or two but Sideshow was having a private party and Bar B & Cleo's were closed. So we settled on Wall Street Cantina.
I think it's been years since I had been in this place.  In daylight you realize how gritty and grimy downtown Orlando actually looks!
Sorry a bit blurry from my camera phone. First-ever Blog appearance by Jess who was joined having a frosty cold brew by Emily & Juliet. As Top 40 blared in the background, a good time was had by all!

Thursday, August 17, 2017

This Weekend In Techno Town

DJ Ekali (CDN) is playing tonight at Venue 578 for their weekly noise events, lol.  Trap.
Not to be outdone, Gilt Nightclub has DJ Quix (NZ) getting loud!  Heavy Bass.
This one will be special!  DJ Lupe Fuentes (E) in town at Vinyl Arts Bar with DJ Cosmic Deva (IL) opening!  House / Tech House.
The day has arrived for the Married to the Rave Music Festival taking place at Woodstock Orlando located at 500 N OBT in Orlando. The event will be dominted by 2 main stages, one for Trance and one for Bass.  The Trance stage intrigues me the most with DJ's Indecent Noise (PL), Neptune Project (GB), Suzy Solar (USA), Kristina Sky (USA) and many more! Begins early in the afternoon and runs into the late hours!  Trance / House / Bass.
The most talked-about event of the weekend is the return of DJ duo Rabbit In The Moon (USA) to Orlando following their performance last year at EDC!  This Saturday night at House of Blues in Disney Springs, watch out for this great lineup!  Breaks.
He played at Gilt Nightclub earlier this year and it's always a huge crowd for the talented DJ Audien (USA).  EDM.
The will be a great one but the Breaks crowd might all be over at House of Blues. But if you're not, check out Peek Downtown for DJ Sandy (USA) hosted by DJ Jimmy Joslin (USA).  Breaks.
Another performance from DJ Robby Clark (USA) takes place at Vinyl Arts Bar before he heads back to Seattle along with a rare performance from DJ Daisy (USA). House.
Local boy makes good DJ Sage Armstrong (USA) is putting on a free show at Elixir Bar this Sunday evening. House.
Jumping ahead to next Tuesday, DJ Lil Jon (USA) is in town at CFE Arena on the UCF campus and DJ Throttle (AUS) will be doing the opening.  Free for UCF students and $25 for others. Trap / Dirty Disco / Bass.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

EDC - Orlando DJ Lineup Announced!

The lineup has been posted for the 7th Edition of Electric Daisy Carnival - Orlando taking place on Friday & Saturday November 10th & 11th.  Some of the biggest names performing include Armin van Buuren (NL), Alan Walker (N), Diplo (USA), Gareth Emery (GB), Green Velvet (USA), Kaskade (USA), Seven Lions (USA), Zedd (D), Marshmello (USA) & more!

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

PI Update: Intermodal City

Many modern cities offer an intermodal transportation center where passengers can switch from one mode of transportation to another, all in one location.  The city of Disney Springs offered such a facility long before it became fashionable and it was called Pleasure Island!
Of course trains no longer visit the Island but this former railroad depot still stands and is now used for bathrooms!
Some tracks still remain embedded outside as a reminder of the Island's railroading past when...
Florida's famed Sunshine Rail Line would bring passengers to the Island's beautiful beaches and Springs!
Sadly airline service is no longer offered here either but it's good to see the old airline terminal finally being rehabilitated into an entertainment venue.
While this old Trans Global Airways aircraft hangar has been repurposed as a restaurant and bar.
Ferry service has been a long-standing method of transportation on and off the Island and it remains operational today.  And just like the Staten Island Ferry, the fare is free!
Even large cruise ships still occasionally call at the Island's port.
For buses and taxis though, you have to cross one of the Island's many bridges to the mainland and locate the nearby bus depot and taxi stand. The Island is a transportation hub!

Monday, August 14, 2017

PI Update: Airline Terminal Coming

This is the former airline terminal under construction on the Island. It's going to be a performance arena of some sort and rumor has it that it's going to be a nightclub with an aviation theme.
Blog reader Troy has sent us this photo of the 1930's airline terminal at LAX.  It could very well be the inspiration for the one in Disney Springs. While not as tall of course, the art deco look of the tower is quite similar, even down to the marquee over the front doorway.  Thanks, Troy!

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Club Reports: M Bar, I Bar, Bar B, Peek Downtown, Sandwich Bar, Gilt Nightclub

M Bar and rooftop venue M Lounge just opened last week and they were my first stop last night!
Apparently built in a former car dealership building, M Bar is crammed with antique mostly-European automobiles!
Like this German Messerschmitt!
Not sure what it's called so I'll call it an electric violin being played by this performer. The music was surprisingly good Top 40.
The venue is huge and it's crammed with those automobiles!
M Bar is on Orange Avenue just south of Princeton. Located on the border of Winter Park, it's upscale so don't dress like a slob!
From M Bar to I Bar!
Just as it should be on a Saturday night, DJ Indie John in the booth delivering early to mid 80's New Wave.
Good crowd in the club keeping the dance floor active.
Spotted in VIP observing the action below: DJ's Kimball Collins (USA) & Dave Cannalte (USA).
I-Bar draws a diverse crowd on Saturday nights because it's the music everyone knows the words to!
Continuing our theme of bars named after letters of the alphabet, Bar B was next!
DJ Fobia (USA) in the booth delivering House music!
Bar B is named for owner Barbie spotted here behind the bar.  She has always been a big supporter of electronic dance music!
Spotted in VIP: DJ's Cosmic Deva (IL), Castillo (USA) & Chris Ayo (USA).
Jesaka on the dance floor!
Teddy loves House music!
Big crowd at the bar but need to find a way to get them on the dance floor!
Peek Downtown is Orlando's home of Breakbeats!
Arrived to find veteran DJ Versa-Style (USA) in the booth playing those Breaks!
Dance floor was active!
And the entire bar was jammed!
Spotted on the dance floor: Keara & DJ Scotty Fraser (USA).
DJ Robotic (USA) taking over late.
Spotted by the booth: DJ Rich D (USA) with Keith.
Spotted bouncing to the music: Brooke & Jennifer
Good music, good fun!
Sandwich Bar is located away from downtown in Orlando's Milk District.
DJ Seth Vogt (USA) in the booth playing House music!
Nice scenery on the dance floor!
His monthly "HouseFlyz" show has been a mainstay of Orlando dance music for years now.
Spotted on the dance floor: Brooke with DJ Steven Hart (USA).
Spotted by the speakers: Nicole & Carla
Spotted by the booth: Athena flanked by DJ's Andrez & Ryan Berretta (both USA).
Spotted on the patio: Famed club photographer and author Patrick Scott Barnes. His book "The Butt Freak Blues" is a collection of his poetic observations of downtown nightlife and is a must-read for anyone familiar with that scene.  Available on Amazon (LINK).
Last stop of the night was Gilt Nightclub.
First time seeing DJ Drezo (USA) performing.
Wasn't sure what to expect!
Unlike the places visited earlier, this club was packed!
But it was back-to-school weekend in Orlando and this crowd was too young to have kids to worry about taking back to school, lol!
VIP girls!
Music was a mix of EDM and Heavy Bass.
Which this crowd loved!
And here and everywhere I went last night, a good time was had by all!