Sunday, December 31, 2017

Club Reports: Blackstar, Independent Bar, Peek Downtown

Another Pre-Grand Opening last night, this time for new club Blackstar.....and the Blog was there!
DJ Jerry The Reverend Johnson (USA) in the booth playing a mix of Dance, Classics and Band tunes.
Arrived around 11PM and there was already a good crowd in the club!
And free liquor all night!
Blackstar is located where The Brink used to be, and most recently afterhours club Nokturnal. While it has an Amelia Street address, the entrance is actually through the Firestone/Venue 578/Vanguard parking lot on Concord Street.
DJ Jason coming on next playing Industrial / Dark Wave / Power Noise.
The club has a second room that is about the same size as the main room.
I honestly cannot tell you what genre this DJ was playing.
But it was packed in here too.
And there are some outdoor areas too. We'll have to see what music format(s) they eventually settle on but it's brought to you by the new principles overseeing Vanguard's redevelopment so you know it's going to be a quality operation!
Now you know by now that if it's at all possible, I'm going to drop by Independent Bar on a Saturday night!
Just as it should be, DJ Indie John (USA) in the booth on a Saturday night!
Dance floor jammed!
Early to mid-80's New Wave!
A lot of the regulars plus a whole lot of new people!
Spotted at the bar: Laraine with former I-Bar Resident DJ Rob & former Mannequins Resident DJ DJ Dave Cannalte.
It's the songs everyone knows the words to!
All accompanied by the famous music videos!
Now over to Peek Downtown where it's been a Trance weekend!
DJ Suzy Solar (USA) in the booth when I arrived delivering only Trance classics!
Good crowd in the club here too!
Dance floor stayed packed!
Those looks you get from Trance!
Spotted in VIP: DJ Brian Benning (USA) who had played earlier.
Spotted on the dance floor: Jeff & Amanda
Spotted on the dance floor: Sage wearing a classic "Cat on the Cob" tee.
We're looking forward to more Suzy Solar shows in 2018!
Amazing vibe in the room!
And everywhere I went last night, a good time was had by all! Happy New Year everyone and tune-in tomorrow for our NYE coverage from Walt Disney World!

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Club Reports: Celine, Bar B, Peek Downtown, Vinyl Arts Bar

Pre-Grand Opening for new club Celine and the Blog was there!
Those that remember predecessors Vain, Lyrica or Cairo will immediately recognize the massive stairs that dominate the main room.
A live band had played earlier and around 10:30PM DJ Prankstisci (USA) took over playing a Top 40/Dance mix. Apparently bands do figure into the niche Celine is going to try to fill.
The main bar downstairs is in the same place but all those walls that Vain had erected are gone and the space is now much-more open.
The dance floor is in the same location as at Vain and it was beginning to see some action during my visit!
Go upstairs and there is another bar and it was crazy-jammed. As this overlooks the main room, the music from that DJ is pumped up here.
There is a second room upstairs that was also crowded but the music was House. Where was it coming from?
Well there is an adjacent rooftop plaza here too!
DJ Horny Dave aka DJ K1KO (USA) was out here playing mostly House music! First time seeing him since he and DJ ATM opened for A-Trak at Gilt Nightclub earlier this year.
Despite the chill, the rooftop was very appealing. Celine is nicely upscale but considerably larger than the equally-positioned Eve Nightclub.  They're going to have to draw a lot of people if this is going to be successful. They also need a promoter willing to bring in some big name DJ's like Vain used to do before it spiraled downhill with its all-Hip Hop format.
Quick visit over to Bar B where you will always find electronic dance music!
DJ Jimmy Joslin (USA) back in the perch on this Friday night playing Old School!
Unlike one week earlier for his absolutely-jammed birthday party, just a handful in the club.
But this was downtown in general last night as many are saving their night out for NYE.
It's a Trance weekend at Peek Downtown!
DJ Agni (IS/USA) in the booth during my visit playing a wonderful mix of Trance!
Small crowd on the dance floor.
But they were really getting in to it!
Spotted at the bar: DJ Robb Blak (USA) who would play later, with Harley.
Spotted in the booth: Gisela hanging with the DJ.
Another great view captured by the Blog's camera!
Tonight at Peek Downtown DJ Suzy Solar (USA) will be playing an all-Classic Trance show so I hope to see many from Trance Family there!
Last stop of the night, Vinyl Arts Bar.
Yes! DJ Kimball Collins (USA) in the booth taking everyone on yet another musical journey!
Not crowded like the previous Kimball shows we've seen here at VAB but those here were quite enthusiastic!
Spotted: World Famous Shawn Fenn leading the dancers!
Spotted in Admissions: Tracy and I-Bar's Ernie.
Spotted outside: DJ Sandra Cruz (USA), World Famous Shawn Fenn & Jody Marie.
Spotted: Club-Owner Wilson Santos with the always-adorable Christa.

 Spotted in the booth: Kimball with former I-Bar resident DJ Rob (USA).
House music all night long!
Not sure where everyone suddenly came from but got jammed in here!
Awesome music and a good time was had by all!