Monday, December 12, 2016

PI Update: Mannequins Reunion?

Over the years we've held several Pleasure Island Reunions at Atlantic Dance Hall and 8TRAX Reunions at Retro Room. But one thing we've never been able to pull off is a Mannequins Reunion. With hugely successful AAHZ & Visage Reunions having taken place in the past month, the lack of a Mannequins Reunion is fresh on my mind.

 Maybe 2017 will be the year we finally have one! I know many of the former Mannequins DJ's are interested in participating.  Once we get through the upcoming holidays, we'll begin working on that possibility again.
And if we do, Manny the mannequin will be there!  (Pictured here with Save Pleasure Island Blog roving reporter Thommy.)


Troy said...

I'm assuming this wouldn't be on Disney property? The only two venues available would be Atlantic Dance Hall and House of Blues, and I'm sure they cost a pretty penny to rent out.

Though a reunion at HoB would allow for photos outside of Morimoto, I guess, or even dinner. Not the same as dancing in Mannequins, but at least the building is still there.

Anonymous said...

not sure IF i feel the same about the mannequins building still up or not?

part of me would have rather seen it go down?
I mean they did rip it a part or NOT much really looks like the OLD club!

KingBob said...

Troy: We wouldn't be able to do a Mannequins Reunion on Disney property. The cost would be prohibitive.

Anon: If you go inside Morimoto you can definitely see things that jump out at you and say "Mannequins".

Anonymous said...

My Dream is to see DJ Jim Fox and DJ Pete Werner perform together again like they did for so many great years at mannequins, sadly neither of them ever play anywhere anymore, too much talent to just Stop on the Disney Dime.