Monday, December 19, 2016

PI Update: Industrial Cathedral Coming To Island?

Originally announced by non-Disney sources as Walt's or Walt's Place, heavy construction continues on the new structure going up on the Island where BET Soundstage used to stand.
And when we look at it only from the side, there are indications of several levels and numerous apparently separate rooms!
Island sources says this is going to be part of the adjoining Edison Orlando next door.
But once you move past the complicated superstructure of the side construction, something else jumps out at you!
This large cavernous section that screams "dance club"!
The Blog previously commented on the possibility that this would be some kind of performance arena given the large roof over the "room".
But that curved walkway that surrounds and overlooks the ground level is something you'd more likely spot in a dance club than in a performance arena seating area.
Let's not forget that parent The Edison Los Angeles is foremost a nightclub featuring DJ's & performing aerialists and they have a big room club called the Industrial Cathedral.
Everyone agrees that the one thing missing from Disney Springs is adult nightlife. Wouldn't it be awesome if this is a nightclub?  It could be a game-changer for Orlando nightlife!


Anonymous said...

Reminds me a lot of the BET building layout.
I'm still not betting on a nightclub just yet...

I think a "Dinner Show" like you might find in Vegas (Absinthe..)
is possible what will come out of this.

Troy said...

If that is the case, Anon, I feel you'll hear a lot of howling from Adventurers Club faithful. Imagineers and fans alike called for a dinner show-type format for a long time there.