Saturday, December 10, 2016

Concert Report: DJ Lauren Lane (The Castle Tampa)

First visit in a couple years to Ybor City's famous club The Castle.
They have a new room downstairs called The Dungeon which has been home to a lot of recent electronic music concerts since Amphitheatre burned down.  Arrived around 11PM to find DJ See Shellz playing House music.
Even at this early hour the dance floor was already seeing activity.
At midnight DJ Brian Busto took over the controls.
And as he cranked up the pace and the volume, the floor got more crowded!
House music all night long!
He did a great job creating a proper mood!
Spotted on the dance floor: Angie & Christa

Spotted in VIP: Club & Event photographer Brian Miller

The headliner Lauren Lane was spotted coming into the club!
Full dance floor now!
Music had everyone moving!
Like any good dungeon, the club has tools of the trade.
With cells available for those looking for private time.
Upstairs in the main room, DJ Sean was blowing out Gothic Dark Wave & Power Noise.
Getting ready to take over shortly after 1AM, DJ Lauren Lane (USA).
I first discovered Lauren Lane at EDC - Puerto Rico back in 2012! On a horribly hot and humid San Juan night, I was heading towards the exits when this incredible music was coming from one of the smaller stages. I had to stop to see who was creating it!
Then I got to see her play at Spybar in Chicago a year later!
She has her own distinctive "sound" that draws a lot of fans!
That look of euphoria you get from real House music!
Sadly I had to leave a little after 2AM because I work Saturday morning!
A good time was had by all!

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