Saturday, November 5, 2016

EDC - Orlando Day 1 Afterparty

After the party it's the after-party!  Especially if you need more Trance!
On Tuesday's ballot vote NO on the solar Amendment 1 which is worded to trick you. But on the Trance ballot, vote YES for DJ Suzy Solar (USA)!
The "Lost In Trancelation" DJ's were in full force this morning, with Robb Blak (USA) up next!
Followed by DJ Agni (IS).
Nice crowd in the club for this late-night affair!
Not packed like some LIT nights but the dance floor stayed active!
Spotted trancing: Michael G.
Spotted in VIP: Denise & Kerri
Spotted on the balcony: Sage Sappho
Don't miss a visit right here at Bikkuri from DJ Alex DiStefano (I) on this year's final episode of Lost In Trancelation on Friday, December 30th. Like last night, a good time will be had by all!

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