Sunday, November 27, 2016

Club Reports: Las Palmas Bar (Varadero, Cuba)

Taking advantage of lifted travel restrictions for Americans and new nonstop airline routes, the Blog traveled to Cuba yesterday to check out local clubs in Varadero.  The beach resort town has long been popular with Europeans & Canadians but until now generally off-limits to us.
Staying at the Melia Varadero, an all-inclusive resort owned by a Spain-based company.
Hanging out at the hotel's Las Palmas Bar, located near the lobby.
The plan was to pregame at the hotel's Tropicana-style show and then venture out to some of the numerous dance clubs that operate in town or at neighboring resorts.  Sadly, the death of Fidel Castro a few hours before my flight departed to Varadero meant the imposition of 9-days of  official mourning across Cuba and all entertainment activities were suspended!  In other words, all the clubs were closed!
However, the hotel bar stayed open and all-inclusive means all-inclusive so bring on the drinks and bring on the refills!
A troupe of human statutes slowly worked their way through the bar.  It was a great first visit to Cuba but a disappointment for my reason for going in the first place.  My plan is to check out Havana clubs in a few months.
And yes, there really are a LOT of these old American cars driving around the streets of Cuba!

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