Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Club Report: The Incredibles SuperDanceParty (Magic Kingdom)

Apparently it's been a few years since I visited the Magic Kingdom because the last time I was here they were still running Stitch's Club 626 Dance Party.  But times have evolved and now the stage near the WEDWay PeopleMover is home to The Incredibles SuperDanceParty!

I didn't recognize the DJ and the ground staff said they just call him DJ Blackflip because he does them during the show which runs for 5 hours without a break!  But the show does eventually repeat itself under the theory that the evening's audience is constantly changing.

This is a "kids" dance party but guys, there are plenty of nice reasons to check it out!

Music is Top 40 & Line Dances.

Themed for The Incredibles, of course.

You'll want to check it out because let me assure you, a good time is had by all!

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