Thursday, October 13, 2016

PI Update: Cross The Island

Now that the weather has cooled a bit, come cross this bridge one more time to beautiful Pleasure Island!  And let's check out the latest from those two buildings we see on the other side!
On the left, the under construction structure where BET Soundstage once stood and was reported to be another restaurant called Walt's or Walt's Place. But now we're not so sure.  Disney Springs certainly doesn't need more restaurants, not with all that's opened plus Planet Hollywood Observatory and Paddlefish coming on line.  That circular design to the roof and the "room" below it makes one think it could be a performance arena of some sort. Wishful thinking says it could be a club with a dance floor.  Our Island sources can't or won't say!
 On the right, Blog reader Troy sends news of a Halloween party taking place on October 31st at STK where $50 gets you an open bar for two hours, some light food options and of course DJ music!  Thanks, Troy!

The Blog has speculated several times that Erwin Pearl Jewelry will be the first new shop in Disney Springs to close.  We stick with that prediction.  Sorry, but in more than two dozen walks past the place, I've only seen a customer in there once.
Over at Trader Sam's, a frenzy this week as a very limited edition mug was being offered generating long lines!  (Photobomb by Rhody)
The only vacant parcel on Pleasure Island is this small plot between Raglan Road and Vivoli Il Gelato.  This was once rumored to be home to a quick service restaurant operated by Raglan Road. Later there was rumor of a wine bar here.  For now, nothing.
The conversion of Fulton's Crab House to Paddlefish continues. This is the front of the river boat.
This is the aft view. Concept art and the venue name indicate the paddle wheel will return back here!
Our Island crossover today commenced on the No. 5 Bridge from Disney Springs West Side and we now end it at the No. 1 Bridge to Disney Springs Marketplace. Kiosks have returned to one side. Come on out and see it all for yourself.


Troy said...

There was an announcement last week about a wine bar - Wine Bar George - coming to Pleasure Island. It's supposed to open some time next year. As there aren't any vacancies on the island, perhaps it's going on that empty lot next to Raglan Road?

Anonymous said...

Heartbreaking to see what they are doing to Fulton's. I hate the new concept. Should have kept the original look and added new stacks and paddle wheel.....

Anonymous said...

Agreed about not needing more dining. Maybe another big store could go in Walt's spot... it seems like a good place for another Co-Op style setup. Might as well do something to draw people in this spot, since a corridor of food options isn't particularly inviting (how many restaraunts does a guest actually walk-in each visit?)

Anonymous said...

I heard the paddle wheel is coming back