Monday, October 10, 2016

DS Update: Balloon Survives Hurricane

The Characters In Flight tethered balloon ride at Disney Springs West Side was able to survive unscathed from this past week's scare from Hurricane Matthew. (FILE PHOTO)
Matthew's path was monitored closely by Characters' management and the decision was made to not release the helium used inside the balloon.  Instead, the gondola was removed and the balloon attached directly to the landing pad.
Sunday afternoon the Characters In Flight team spent their time reattaching the gondola so that ride could be come operational again when weather permitted.
Had the hurricane come closer to Orlando or if expected winds were much higher than the tropical storm winds we experienced here, the balloon would have been emptied of its helium and moved to safety.  An expensive choice that fortunately did not have to be made!


zulemara said...

one little charlie like shift and they woulda been scrambling!

Also the first thing I said when I went to Disney Springs was omg that thing looks terrible. I remember when I watched them blow it up and William and I both agreed the FL sun would not be kind to it. eeek

Anonymous said...

Yes, I agree. It does look bad!