Sunday, October 16, 2016

Club Reports: Red Coconut Club, The Groove

Editors Note: For pictures from last night's ButterBash at Peek Downtown, please tune-in tomorrow.
Saturday night in the city and choosing to spend it at CityWalk at Universal Studios Orlando. A new flashing neon sign atop Pat O'Brien's shows Uni is continuing to invest in the venue.
Dropping by Red Coconut Club, located where Motown Cafe once stood.
The long-running Herb Williams Band was on stage when I first arrived playing Top 40 hits.
They played until midnight and kept the dance floor pretty crowded!
Playing between band sets and full-time beginning at midnight, the one-and-only DJ Leony (USA).
Trying to keep the post-band crowd from leaving, he opened with the "Cupid Shuffle"!
It was effective as no one seemed to leave!
With DJ culture alive and thriving, it was wise of RCC to move the booth from that perch way up there in the background to the current location directly on the floor.
Spotted on the dance floor: Disco Duke from 8TRAX
Of course we know DJ Leony from his years at now-closed Latin Quarter and prior to that for his weekly EDM mix show on XM Satellite Radio's BPM.
Leony hosts Latin Night here at RCC on Wednesdays and this Top 40/Dance night on Saturdays!
Next over to The Groove where there was a long line waiting to get in.
Saturday night resident DJ M-Squared in the booth when I arrived.
Club and dance floor were packed!
About five of his first ten songs were EDM so maybe we're making progress here, lol!
Considering we're between tourist seasons, nice surprise seeing TG packed!
Besides a few moments of EDM, his fast-paced set consisted mostly of Classic Hip Hop & Top 40 hits all presented in snippets of about a minute each.
Spotted in VIP: Disco Duke
You can never go wrong with Go Go girls!
At CityWalk, single club admission is $7.00 while an all-club pass is $12.77. This Thursday The Blog will present an overview of the entire CityWalk club promenade.
A good time was had by all!


Anonymous said...

Kind of like Pleasure Island.

Anonymous said...

No, not at all. Except different nightclubs, but nothing like PI

KingBob said...

Multiple clubs with a single ticket and being able to walk around with drinks is kind of like PI. The music, not like PI for the most part.