Saturday, October 22, 2016

Club Reports: Bar B, The Patio, The Social, Sandwich Bar

The new Bar B is located across Central from Tier Nightclub.
DJ Droptop was in the booth playing EDM during my stay including Dance versions of songs like Fleetwood Mac's "Dreams" & Blondie's "Rapture".  Good stuff!
The club is long and narrow with an equal-sized patio outside.  During my visit a good number of people dropped-in, had a drink and then left.
A grand opening tonight with DJ Liquid Todd (USA) from Sirius/XM's BPM in the house and admission is FREE!  Should be packed!
Overdue for a visit to The Patio where there's always a party!
DJ's DJ Dan-eCrane & Parry taking turns!
It was 11PM so the dance floor was just picking-up.
But it would get more and more crowded as I wandered the place.
The music Top 40 hits old and new.
Cheap drink prices and a fun outdoor atmosphere assures that there really is always a party here!
Next stop, next door to The Social.
Arrived at the tail-end of a late-90's style Acid House set from DJ FoxForce005 (USA).
Just not a lot of people down on the dance floor.
At 11:30PM, DJ duo Yolanda Be Cool (AUS) would take over.
Action on the dance floor would pick up a bit but overall disappointing because it was rather empty.
I was expecting an EDM show but they delivered a great House music set instead!
The Aussie duo is most famous for their 2010 hit "We No Speak Americano".
Spotted at the bar: Jaime Ann, Mike 1, Shantele & Mike 2
Spotted in VIP: DJ FoxForce005 resting post-set.
Spotted on the mezzanine: DJ Mo who we first met playing at STK.
Great music had those in the club bouncing!
Final Saturday night stop was Sandwich Bar.
Arrived just after 1AM in time to see DJ Chris Fortier (USA) taking over!
Small club but lots of people jammed inside!
More real House music!
Of course we know Chris Fortier as one-third of AAHZ.

 Spotted outside: The other two thirds of AAHZ, DJ Kimball Collins (T) & DJ Dave Cannalte (USA).
Through the haze, music selections were both vocal & non-vocal!
And a good time was had by all!


Anonymous said...

we need a show with FoxForce and Kimball Collins

KingBob said...

I'm good with that!