Tuesday, September 6, 2016

PI Update: Island Shots

You don't expect me to actually work on a holiday weekend, do you?  No, instead we've gone back into the Save Pleasure Island Blog archives to bring you these only memories from 2010.
Soundstage Club looked ready to open at any time.  It didn't.
The Lombard Promenade rarely saw much foot traffic.
Looking through the "Motion Corridor" at the side of Club Motion.
Adventurers Club in all its glory!
And Curl by Sammy Duval was sill operational then.
Lots of memories going up and down those stairs in the round building, part of 8TRAX. That staircase is still there today in a castmember only area of Morimoto Asia.
The Mannequins smokers patio.
And the view up Hill Street!


Anonymous said...

The view up Hill Street was never quite right after the demolition of the West End and Hub stages.

Anonymous said...

PI was never the same after they got rid of the gates!

KingBob said...

Correct, both of you!