Thursday, September 29, 2016

Mannequins Medley

Blog reader DJMadmanRay posted the link to this in Comments on Tuesday but I think it deserves an article of its own. It's not the first time the video has been posted on the Blog but this being the week of the 8th anniversary of Mannequins closing, it deserves 10 minutes of your time. 

I always called this the "Mannequins Medley" but the official name was probably "Mannequins Light Show".  Keep in mind the technology Mannequins had 8+ years ago predates what many clubs offer today in the way of lasers and other spot lighting.  What they offered back then was just spectacular, the best Disney's team of Imagineers could put together with the technology available back then. Yet it still looks amazing today!

With EDM as big as it is now, can you imagine how packed Mannequins would be if it was still open? It could have brought life to Disney Springs after 10PM.


Brian said...

the lighting they installed 20+ years ago is way better then any club today! as I was told back in 88 Disney spent 2 MILLION on the lights again this 1988 numbers!(some of this is from back then the light board is from day one! the others are not)
this does not include the floor the building the DJ booth.

KingBob said...

Brian, thanks for the info!

Thommy Sandvick said...

SO good and still so sad. That club would be packed and with the rise of EDM...omg.

Jason said...

Absolute shame if they don't bring this back to life in some form at Disney Springs.