Friday, September 2, 2016

DS Update: Characters Coming?

I don't recall Disney characters ever appearing in Downtown Disney so I was kind of surprised when I saw a balloon man selling Mickey balloons in Disney Springs during my recent visit. 

I was even more surprised when I heard a rumor that Disney characters might be making actual live appearances in Disney Springs later this year!  We're told shop sales are well-below expectations that they're willing to do anything to get people to come out. In the past, they always wanted to keep the famous characters in the parks and at character meals and not allow free guest access to them. Apparently, that might be changing.


Anonymous said...

Hey, I got an idea! Since shopping doesn't seem to be super successful, why doesn't Disney add some nightlife to spice things up. Like, oh I don't know, a night club with an amazing laser show and rotating dance floor or an interactive club where the actors put on a show with the guests. Or even an outside stage where they celebrate New Year's eve every night!

Anonymous said...

That's a great idea! Maybe they could make an 80's club, and maybe an improv comedy club. Now, that would be awesome.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they could call it Pleasure Island?

Anonymous said...

I've been calling this since it opened, talk a walk around and look at the people and LOOK at there hands. Not many are carrying bags.. now all of a sudden random balloon sellers and banners popping up to add "Energy" to the area. Expect to see more "street performers" show up shortly... the only thing making money is the FOOD and DRINKING places (and that cup cake place were idi...tourists wait in 99 degree heat in a line outside with no shade, for 40 mins to get a cupcake.)

But like I said, I've called this one since DAY 1. Should start a "Shop Closing" watch / countdown board to keep track of the stores that will suddenly "close" or "switch names" (how long before we see a "generic Disney blue jeans" store eh?)

Man, wouldn't an Ad Club / Dinner Show / Reservation Only concept be KILLING it right now over there.
Wouldn't a big nightclub, with bottle service, bringing in BIG DJ's, like vegas did, make some money.
Gee, think we might see the return of fireworks and a NEW YEARS EVE party to keep guests spending later?


jon81uk said...

There are the fibreglass model characters in Marketplace already so it's not like there is no Disney character presence.

KingBob said...

We'll be having an article in the near future about the state of shopping at Disney Springs. Sadly, Disney Springs management still doesn't get it.