Sunday, September 4, 2016

Concert Report: The Reunion (Venue 578)

The Reunion returned to its roots last night at Venue 578 but really known to everyone as Firestone!
I arrived at 10PM thinking it's early and it's gonna be empty. No, the place was already packed!
Before tackling the main stage, decided to check out the alternate venues first. In the Den, DJ Eric Berretta.
While in the Loft, DJ Sandy.
Like the main room, the side rooms were all jammed too!
Monk blowing up the Loft at 11PM.
Through the thick haze on the main stage, DJ Magic Mike (USA). We'll be seeing him again tonight at the new Service Industry Night at Mango's!
Hard to get good crowd pics due to the haze, but it was crazy down there!


 Packed club!
It was hard to move about the place!
Nikki showing the boys how to break dance!
In the Den, DJ Si-Dog (USA)!
Dancing in every square meter of the place!
Breakbeats all over the place downstairs!
Breakbeats all over the place upstairs!
DJ AK1200 (USA) after midnight!
Caught the end of DJ Dan (USA) on the main stage. He delivered an amazing Old School Dance set!
No, that's not Armin Van Buuren again!  Liquid Live (GB) on the main stage at 12:45AM.
Probably most famous for classic Dance hit "Sweet Harmony"!
Spotted in the Loft: Sonia & Jim
Spotted in her Little Miss Rave tee: Jen & Ira
Spotted on the dance floor: Adriana & Heather
Spotted on the dance floor: Donia, Renee & Melissa
Spotted in VIP: Mannequins' own Steph & Claire
Spotted at the Loft: LadyV & Melissa
Spotted: World famous Shawn Fenn
Spotted on the Patio: CJ & Devon with DJ Jason Brown
Spotted in the Den: Stacey & Christa left and right with friends
Also spotted in the Den: DJ Def Jeff
Spotted on the main dance floor: Victoria
Also spotted dancing: DJ Funkbaby
Spotted resting: Nikki
Spotted on the Patio: DJ Jimmy Joslin & Carl
Spotted on the Patio: Bridget & DJ Supagroover
Spotted by the Green Room: DJ Dan
Spotted backstage: Tampa's DJ Eddie Light
Spotted on the dance floor: Blog-favorite bartendress Jen, maker of delicious Jen & Tonics!
Spotted in the Loft: Sage Sappho
Spotted on the dance floor: Cesar with DJ Heather Collins
Spotted in really cool leggings: Mrs. Geebo

 DJ Andy Hughes (USA) in the Den!
Spotted backstage: Dominic of Stanton Warriors (GB)
And he would take over the main stage close to 1:30AM to close out the night!
Old School & Classic Dance!

 Showing off her lighted shoes!

 That look you get when you're really feeling the music!
Time for one last pass through the club.  In the Den, (right to left) DJ Versa-Style tag teaming with DJ Geebo while MC Collaborator did his thing!
While in the Loft, great seeing DJ D-Xtreme booming the room out!
And it kind of ended how it began.....packed!
The "Head" of Future Sound of Breaks Glyn S. Morgan giving us a jig!
And a good time was had by all!

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