Sunday, September 11, 2016

Club Reports: Streetwave, Aero Bar, Independent Bar, The Patio

Pine Street was blocked off last night for the Streetwave: Party on Pine block party which ran from 7PM to midnight.
Arrived last night to find the front of the area already populated with dancers going crazy to EDM!
From Attic Nightclub resident DJ Alex Wood on the controls!
Big crowd on hand for this event very fairly priced at $10.
It was presented by Alliance and the Pine Street area bars including Attic Nightclub, The Basement, & The Crow.
Headliner DJ/Producer Pierce Fulton (USA) posing for the Blog.
And Pierce would take over a few minutes after 11PM.
By then the entire street was jammed back to the entrance!
Big crowd out for EDM!
The early part of his set was IMO a bit Bassy and Trappy.
But it morphed straight into basic Dance / EDM!
Which the crowd loved!
Packed street!

 Blasting out streamers!
I don't recall them doing this on Pine Street previously...but they need to do this again!
We first saw a much younger Pierce Fulton at Electric Daisy Carnival - Orlando in 2012.
The Blog official records show he played at Tier Nightclub in 2013 & 2014 and at Attic Nightclub this past January!  So he's well-known to Orlando!
The peeps want EDM and that's what he delivers! A good time was had by all!
With that over at midnight, I needed some more EDM, quick!  But where?  Aero Bar of course!
DJ's Cliff T & Dominick Morrison, & Robin in the booth.
EDM blowing up the outdoor club!
Dance floor jammed-up as far as the eye could see!
No Hip Hop, no Country, no Justin Bieber!
The crowd was getting down!
All under the Orlando night sky!
Dominick opens for Croatia Squad (CH) this coming Friday night at The Social! Deep House!
Saturday night, you know I'm gonna try to make it by I-Bar!
DJ Smilin' Dan in the booth!
Getting my weekly dose of 80's New Wave!
Another great Saturday night crowd enjoying the music!
Final stop of the night, The Patio where they claim that there's always a party! But can "they" be trusted?
Resident DJ Parry delivering Top 40 hits and occasionally, if you're patient, even some EDM!
YES, there definitely was a party at The Patio!
Another absolutely packed club last night!
This mostly open air venue now features bubbles!
Cheap drink prices and a great vibe assure there is indeed always a party here!
A good time was had by all!
And I do mean, all!

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