Saturday, September 24, 2016

Club Reports: Frosty's, Vinyl Arts Bar, Native Social Bar

We begin our Friday night festivities at new club Frosty's Christmastime Lounge.
DJ Dan-eCrane was in the booth playing.....Christmas songs!
And the entire venue is decorated for the holiday!
Icicles from the ceiling!  There are two rooms including this long, narrow back room where the DJ and dance floor is located.
The countdown clock tells us there's just 92 more days until Christmas!
He was mixing in 90's hits and a few people were dancing.
Those that recall will recognize this club-center tree from Crooked Bayou that used to operate in here.  Don't know how long this place can last but it was pretty crowded last night!
Vinyl Arts Bar has been playing mostly electronic music genres since opening.
Arrived to find DJ Renzo Ruiz on the decks playing House music!
Alternating with the famous DJ Carlos Mendoza!
Great House music and there was a decent crowd in the small club! It was difficult to depart!
Haven't been to Native Social Bar in about a year since they stopped having Breaks and D&B events in here!
But that's all forgiven!  NLP in the house with DJ Matrix!
Tag teaming with DJ J-Dub!
Nice crowd in the club considering the event was only scheduled a few days earlier!
The views from the higher elevations were outstanding!
I recalled from about 6 years ago some of my Pleasure Island friends saying they were going over to Vixen Bar to see NLP and me not knowing what that was!
MC Marybeth always adds to the fun!
Spotted on the mezzanine: Mandie with DJ CD Mack. (Sorry slightly blurry, still learning my new, new camera.)
People dancing upstairs!
Breakbeats all night long!
DJ Navitas on the main dance floor in her light-up sneakers! A good time was had by all!


Anonymous said...

Vinyl Arts Bar, 4th picture, guy in grey shirt and jeans, sleeping?

KingBob said...

LOL,no. He had just put his cell phone back in his pocket and was still looking down.