Monday, September 5, 2016

Club Report: Mango's (Service Industry Night)

Sunday night of a holiday weekend so there's only one place to be!  Service Industry Night (SIN) at House of Blues Mango's Tropical Cafe!
Arrived around 10:30PM to find DJ Leony (USA) in the booth spinning EDM!
At this early hour only a few brave souls on the dance floor.
But just a half hour later it was already like this!
I first became familiar with DJ Leony from his Air BPM mix show on XM Satellite Radio. I first met him when I was at Latin Quarter in CityWalk listening to Salsa & Bachata when all of a sudden and without warning, he switched to a half hour of EDM and the LQ crowd went crazy!
Spotted in VIP: DJ Magic Mike (USA)
Getting ready to take over!
You can never go wrong with Go Go girls!
Like I said!
Hard to catch standing still, there's also plenty of Mango's girls!
And two Electro-Men!
Who went down on the dance floor and danced with the Ladies!
And at 12:30AM, Magic Mike took over the controls!
During the final years of Sunday night SIN at House of Blues, Magic Mike was the headlining resident DJ along with Richie Rich.
In the years prior to that, he would guest appear on most holiday weekends!
Booming out the club with mostly EDM!
This is the second week of the new SIN at Mango's. It's off to a great start!
I expressed disappointment that no one has been able to capture the Disney College Program CM's that used to populate SIN at House of Blues.  Magic Mike reminded me that most of them are only at Disney for a semester or less and since we're now nearly a year since HOB SIN was axed by the Mouse, most don't even know about it anymore!
Spotted upstairs: Scy with Dawn from 8TRAX.
Spotted on the dance floor: Amber with Matt from I-Bar.
Spotted: I can't remember her name (right) but we knew her from 8TRAX too!
The EDM-based music format is basically the same as what we knew at Downtown Disney. The Blog covered the final night there last October. Link.
The peeps want Electronic Dance Music!
Admission is $10 but just $5 for those with a service industry ID.
A good time was had by all!

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