Thursday, August 18, 2016

PI Update: How Celebrate Today! Begat Celebrate Tonight!

The advertising slogan for Walt Disney World during 2009 was "Celebrate Today!".  When Disney closed the clubs in September of 2008, they didn't realize how dead Pleasure Island would become after dark.  Pedestrians traversing the Island between the West Side and Marketplace would have to pass all the deserted nightclubs. There were no stores or food options between Mannequins and the bridge to the West Side, just a lot of empty space. At the time, the Blog referred to it as a "vast wasteland".  To liven things up, two ideas were introduced.
First of all, Celebrate Today! at the parks begat Celebrate Tonight! on Pleasure Island. The late afternoon/early evening party at West End Plaza had its moments but overall it was a corny disaster. The second idea was to allow private parties to rent Motion, Soundstage Club or Adventurers Club for private events. The idea here was that events would bring people and activity in the otherwise empty buildings, liven things up and bring in revenue from places no longer making any. You'll want to return this coming Monday when we describe Save Pleasure Island Blog's attempt to do a Mannequins Reunion on Pleasure Island and the outright hostility we encountered!

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