Sunday, August 28, 2016

Club Reports: Ember, Peek Downtown, Vinyl Arts Bar

Saturday night in the city and checking out different options beginning with Ember.
Resident DJ Jimmy Joslin in the booth playing a Top 40 mix out on the patio. Jimmy is here most Saturdays but check out his Old School Breaks show this coming Friday night at Peek Downtown!
The Ember patio was mostly empty last night due to an earlier rainstorm but the inside section was populated in an atmosphere where you can actually have a conversation.
Speaking of Peek Downtown, that was my next stop!
Arrived to find DJ duo PhatKidz in the booth!
Big crowd in the club dancing to addictive Breakbeats!
Spotted on the crowded dance floor waving: Adriana
Spotted on the dance floor: Jasmin, Trish & Shelly. Photobomb compliments of Marshall.
Spotted by the booth: Planet Hollywood's Ashleigh.  She has told us when they're reopening but we're sworn to secrecy!
Peek Downtown is Orlando's home of Breaks!
Always a good time in here!
Second week in a row visiting Vinyl Arts Bar.
Great seeing DJ Fusion in the booth again delivering House music!

I first met Fusion when he opened for George Acosta back in 2012 at the Florida Old School Reunion at Firestone, as pictured here.
At 1AM, takeover from DJ George Acosta (USA).
Continuing with a great, mostly non-vocal House set!
Just that hardly anyone was here to enjoy it!  Disappointing.

 First met Acosta earlier in 2012 at Electric Sunfest as pictured here!

But last night, a good time was just a few.

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