Sunday, August 7, 2016

Club Report: The Joint (Daytona Beach)

Second visit ever to The Joint nightclub in Daytona Beach!
Arrived around 11:30PM and just in time to see DJ Mark Sanchez (USA) taking over the controls!
Recreating the vibe of former Daytona megaclub 600 North!
Dance floor stayed busy!
The Joint was crowded last night but not packed like the last time I visited in January.
Late 90's & early 2000's Dance hits.....better known as Breaks!
I figured out though why it was less-crowded last night. This was pretty much just the Daytona crowd while in January there were a lot of Orlando & Space Coast peeps supporting the event.
Spotted in VIP: Marci with DJ Ryan Berretta
I recognized quite a few people from my January visit!
Taking over at 12:45AM, DJ Sharaz (USA)
And he would continue the theme of the night!
His biggest hit is likely "Just Can't Wait"!
The Joint is located on Seabreeze just a couple blocks off SR A1A.
That infectious beat in the club had everyone bouncing!
Spotted by the booth: Susan with DJ Mark Sanchez. Exciting news! Mark confirms that he has signed the contract to return on New Years Eve to EPCOT: Italy for their huge dance party!
Meanwhile last night, a good time was had by all!


Unknown said...

such a great place always providing great vibes. The owner rick is always there and makes everyone feel like family. It's nice seeing someone take initiative in their business and community providing a good time for everyone! Also great drink prices !

KingBob said...

I've had a great time at The Joint during both visits!

Lina said...
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