Wednesday, August 31, 2016

EPCOT NYE Is Almost Here!

As August draws to a close, we're reminded that New Years Eve is now just 4 months away and the best place to spend it is at the DJ parties taking place that night at EPCOT.
At EPCOT: China, former Mannequins DJ Dom Morrison (USA) has confirmed to Save Pleasure Island Blog that he is returning for another year. His EDM-based set is always packed!
And it features the smoke-belching dragon and flame throwers!

At EPCOT: Italy, DJ Mark Sanchez (USA) has confirmed to the Blog that he is returning for another year too!  His set is 100% House & EDM!
And the venue is packed with lasers and smoke effects!
At EPCOT: Japan, a newly-added feature last NYE was the silent disco featuring DJ Freefall (right) and DJ Brian B. Each DJ was playing at the same time!
Dancers wearing earphones could switch channels between the Hip Hop DJ or the EDM/Top 40 DJ. Passersby would look at people dancing and hear nothing!  Sources say Brian B will be back and that the second DJ slot is still under development.
Two years ago the event at EPCOT: United Kingdom was all British Invasion music from the different decades.  Last year it reverted to more popular Top 40. We've heard DJ Elliot (USA) will be running the show this coming NYE.
 There is also Latin Wave at the American Gardens stage and Top 40 at the Fountain Stage. You know if it's at Disney, it's gonna be first class.  All in all, it's a crazy night and it's THEE place to be on New Years Eve!  All ages.  A good time will be had by all!

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Remembering DJ Big Makk

We wanted to take a time out from our normal articles this morning to post one about Orlando DJ Big Makk (USA).  Samisoni Koroitamudu dba Big Makk was killed yesterday morning in a car crash in Casselberry in which the vehicle's driver and back seat passenger also perished.  
 Orlando Sentinel story here.
The Blog first encountered Big Makk in December, 2011 at HTG/Jeff Kenney's Houp-La event in which 20 DJ's including Big Makk were given fifteen minute sets to wow the crowd at Tabu Nightclub.
I didn't run into him again until I spotted him at DJ Heavygrinder's concert at Syn Nightclub in June, 2013.
By then he was a weekly resident DJ at Syn Nightclub along with DJ Meaux Green.
I then spotted him again two years ago in August, 2014 at the Independence Music Festival in Orlando.
While I did not often personally see him play, I did often saw his name listed on event flyers. He was everywhere and his career was on the rise!
But the biggest event flyer of his young life was this one issued just this past Thursday. Wow! He had made the big time!  Big Makk was announced to be one of the DJ's at the upcoming Electric Daisy Carnival - Orlando! In response to the announcement, Big Makk said this on his Facebook page: 
"Y'all don't understand what this means to me! Finally playing EDC Orlando this year!" 

Monday, August 29, 2016

PI Update: The Edison Orlando

Come cross this bridge one more beautiful Pleasure Island!
The old power plant brick smokestack remains under construction out front along Hill Street.
As the Adventurers Club building is converted into The Edison Orlando. Guests at The Edison Downtown in Los Angeles reportedly have to dress in period attire to enter but that would never work in Orlando's tourist zone.
The rear view (upper) shows the extensive building taking place.
And the rear view (lower).
And the adjoining Walt's or Walt's Place, if that's still what its going to be.  Nothing really new to report but we wanted to see you this update on construction progress.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Club Reports: Ember, Peek Downtown, Vinyl Arts Bar

Saturday night in the city and checking out different options beginning with Ember.
Resident DJ Jimmy Joslin in the booth playing a Top 40 mix out on the patio. Jimmy is here most Saturdays but check out his Old School Breaks show this coming Friday night at Peek Downtown!
The Ember patio was mostly empty last night due to an earlier rainstorm but the inside section was populated in an atmosphere where you can actually have a conversation.
Speaking of Peek Downtown, that was my next stop!
Arrived to find DJ duo PhatKidz in the booth!
Big crowd in the club dancing to addictive Breakbeats!
Spotted on the crowded dance floor waving: Adriana
Spotted on the dance floor: Jasmin, Trish & Shelly. Photobomb compliments of Marshall.
Spotted by the booth: Planet Hollywood's Ashleigh.  She has told us when they're reopening but we're sworn to secrecy!
Peek Downtown is Orlando's home of Breaks!
Always a good time in here!
Second week in a row visiting Vinyl Arts Bar.
Great seeing DJ Fusion in the booth again delivering House music!

I first met Fusion when he opened for George Acosta back in 2012 at the Florida Old School Reunion at Firestone, as pictured here.
At 1AM, takeover from DJ George Acosta (USA).
Continuing with a great, mostly non-vocal House set!
Just that hardly anyone was here to enjoy it!  Disappointing.

 First met Acosta earlier in 2012 at Electric Sunfest as pictured here!

But last night, a good time was just a few.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Concert Report: DJ Lenzman (Pink Orlando)

Club 23 on Church Street has been leased out for the past year under the Pink name. Not sure what's up with that but it was great to be back in there for a Drum & Bass event!
Arrived shortly after 11PM to find DJ Beni Hill in the booth!
Early dance floor movement included DJ Hellman.
Taking over at 11:30PM, Tampa's DJ Jaybee.
And the D&B chicks Victoria (left) & Nikki (right) went into action!
Spotted on the dance floor: Ernesto & East Side Angie
Spotted arriving: DJ Lenzman (GB) with Michael Spencer
He would start with a slow melody that suddenly busted wide-open!
While MC Collaborator provided some vocals!
And action on the dance floor picked up quickly!
D&B is breakbeats on steroids!
Spotted in VIP: Triple A's Angie, Anthony & Adriana
Spotted on the dance floor: DJ K8 & Jasmin
Spotted on the dance floor: Amanda
Spotted by the bar: DJ Micro (USA)
Spotted working security: Killian McAuliffe O'Gribbin
Collaborator performed at EDC-Orlando in 2012 with AK1200!
Lenzman performed here at Club 23 last August so it was great to see him back!
Victoria came on to provide some more vocals!
Club wasn't packed but it was pretty damn crowded!
And a good time was had by all!