Tuesday, July 12, 2016

PI Update: Island Construction

With all the excitement over the opening of Disney Springs Town Center, we forget sometimes that it's not over yet as construction continues on Pleasure Island.
So it's up up up we go for views from our exclusive Save Pleasure Island Blog SkyCam!

 What it's gonna look like at the former Adventurers Club.
The Edison's new old smokestack is going to be quite tall.
AC's former rotunda lobby roof is being revised but will still be a distinctive part to the structure.
Around back, a lot of new metal studs installed.
On the site of former BET Soundstage Club, what we think will be Walt's Place restaurant is being newly built.
But there has been no official announcement about this place so you can't be sure.
And you gotta wonder whether the Island can support yet another expensive restaurant!
Whatever it is, it's gonna be large!
Down under and to the rear of Walt's Place, a last look at what supposedly will be the secret Neverland Tunnels speakeasy.

 This will be located underneath West End Plaza (Celebration Plaza) in front of STK.

But as construction continues, it's becoming impossible to peer in any longer.
But supposedly the secret entrance will be from the basement of Walt's!
Elsewhere on the Island, the Fulton's Crab House sign has been removed as it is renovated and converted into Paddlefish restaurant aboard the Empress Lily.

And Art Smith's Homecoming behind 8TRAX opens this week!


Jeff - Seattle said...

Wow! The Edison/Walt's Place is coming along pretty well. I hope to make it back there next June so maybe it will all be up and running by then. Nice photo updates for we now far away fans...

KingBob said...

Should be open by then, Jeff!