Monday, July 4, 2016

PI Update: Island After Midnight

Departing House of Blues last Thursday night after midnight and encountering this familiar sight. The bridge to Pleasure Island!
After midnight, the smokestack under construction at The Edison Orlando.
Morimoto Asia has begun offering some small plate selections in the upstairs Forbidden Lounge up until 1AM as they've quickly discovered that they have this large rent bill to pay every month but no revenue after 11PM.  Island sources tell us that Morimoto may be having DJ music here in the lounge later at night although it would be of the Chill/Downtempo variety. That's good news but if they really want revenue, they'd clear the tables downstairs and have a DJ with dancing, Mannequins style!
Looking back over to Mannequins from the new No. 2 Bridge. The Island is dead after midnight.
Some kids over at Coca-Cola pretending they can't see the glass skin on the building's exterior and pretending to crash into it.  But you know what, at night, you can't see the glass!
There are plenty of parking spaces in the garages. After midnight.


Anonymous said...

Just what we all suspected. Disney wants you in your hotel room in bed by 11pm, not out having fun. Save your money for there themeparks, not drinking and dancing.. no that's not what makes Disney money.. they want you asleep by 11pm, so your up early and ready to spend spend spend at 8am in there extra charge magic morning cash grab hour!

Anonymous said...

funny try the DJ thing!! just matter of time to FAIL! in Morimoto Asia!!!!

Troy said...

Every time I've been there, Morimoto has been packed. The DJ thing might not work out, but unless Disney is charging a tremendous amount of rent and wants Morimoto to fail (and that they definitely don't want), I can't see that happening.

And you know, on a completely different note, I always thought Raglan Road was the first third-party restaurant on the island in a former club. However, I read the other day that Wildhorse Saloon wasn't Disney owned until Disney bought the rights to the building and turned it into Motion.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't Fireworks Factory first? I don't think that was Disney owned, was it?

Anonymous said...

I know Fireworks Factory became Wild Horse Saloon but not sure if it was Disney owned.

Anonymous said...

According to Wikipedia, Levy Restaurants operated it, but didn't say if it was owned by Disney or not.